Privacy policy of Pivot East governs the approach of how information which is disclosed to the company is maintained and protected. This is applied for all services offered by our company and towards every client who has dealings with us.

Voluntary details

We do collect several personal details like name, address, contact info, and more which is supplied to us by our clients on their own accord. We require these details to get in touch with our clients as well as carry out after work survey for their benefit.

Apart from this, users visiting our website can be asked to provide their email id, mailing address, etc. We collect all these information only if they submit it voluntary. However, users can avoid providing such information which might lead to prevent one from taking part in certain activities on the website.

Website cookies

Our website uses cookies to ensure that every user who visits us has an ideal experience while browsing. Web browser of a user places such cookies on hard drive to keep a record as well as to track information if required. However, users may refuse such cookies as well as set up an alert when such cookies are sent. One might avoid these cookies but some portions of our website might not function appropriately due to that.