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Ubongo Kids English to Launch in Kenya

Does your child, small brother or small sister detest mathematics? worry no more. Ubongo Kids will help your child, small brother or sister improve their understanding of mathematics through an interactive educational cartoon show that combines mathematical concepts with fun animated and catchy songs. Ubongo Kids English launches in Kenya with its first series airing on local television station NTV on Saturday at 10.00 am Ubongo Kids is an exciting animated edutainment TV series, watched by over 1.4 million viewers in Tanzania and available in over a million more households across East Africa. The startup broadcasts in Kiswahili on TBC (Tanzania’s national TV station) and digital TV (Star Times) across East Africa. The series is based on animated characters Kibena, Kiduchu, Koba and Baraka who go on adventures each episode, using their wits and knowledge of math to solve mysteries and problems in their community. Encourage your child to tune in to NTV every Saturday at 10 am to learners the basic maths concepts through stories and catchy songs as opposed to memorizing the methodology. Children can while watching the show through answering questions and challenges and score points to win prizes through the mobile phone.  

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