Winners 2012

Overall and Winner in Entertainment Category

Ma3racer by Planet Rackus from Kenya

Ma3Racer is a racing game set on the busy high ways of Nairobi city. Players test their skills against the busiest, roughest, ruggedest Nairobi roads.  

Winner in Business and Resource Management Category

Easy Order by Afrocyber Inc from Uganda

It’s an SMS based mobile ordering and supply chain management application developed to simplify the way customers order for goods from manufacturers and distributors.  

Winner in Utilities Category

Mafuta Go by Codesync Ltd from Uganda

MafutaGo is an application that helps users find the nearest fuel stations with the prices and Services that best suit their needs.

Winner in Mobile Society Category

MPrep by Mprep Ltd from Kenya

Mprep is a platform that offers an SMS-based study solution for students, a data tool for teachers, and a customizable dashboard for schools.  

Winner in Financial Services Category

SchoolBursar by Fomobi Solutions from Kenya

SchoolBursar streamlines the process of receiving and managing payments through M-Pesa. It performs real-time analysis and generation of reports for each student, sends reminders to parents and guardians who have fee deficits and alerts the administrator and principals of the same.

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