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Learn how to implement Mobile Money in your solution

m:lab East Africa in partnership with Plus People(founders of PesaPi) will conduct a course on Mobile Money- one of the very first of its kind in the industry. This mobile money course is targeting developers who are looking to learn how to proper integrate mobile money payments into their solutions. The course gives the participant a solid understanding of the various mobile money account types mainly in Kenya but also in the rest of Africa. The differences in the various mobile money middleware systems will be explained. Most importantly a comprehensive case-study of the various workflows and pitfalls of actual mobile money implementations will be explained and discussed. The course will also cover how to actually implement the different mobile money middleware (i.e. PesaPal, PesaPi). The examples and code used throughout the course will be in PHP. At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Explain the different mobile money accounts, and their suitability for e-commerce.
  • Determine it’s pros and cons of a specific mobile money middleware.
  • Construct a mobile payment flow for an online solution.
  • Highlight and discuss the potential business pitfalls in deploying mobile money.
  • Implement a mobile money middleware in an online solution.

Prerequisites: Interested partitcipants should process the following:

  • A mobile money account for personal use
  • Proficient in PHP enough to build a solution in it.
  • Already having implemented one order process in a solution (without payment).

At the end of the course a test will be administrated, those who obtain a minimum of 60% in the test will be issued with a certificate showing the final score. Course outline (condensed)

  • Review of mobile money and account types
  • Review of mobile money middlewares
  • Case-study of payment workflows (more than one way to skin a cat)
  • Examination of common pitfalls and different solutions
  • Multiplexing – using one account for multiple solutions.
  • Implementation training- implementing mobile money in your solution

The training will be performed by Michael Pedersen co-founder of PLUSPEOPLE and lead developer of PesaPi ( ). It will be conducted at the m:lab East Africa premises over three Saturdays beginning on the 25th April, the 2nd of May and ending on the 9th of May 2015. The course will cost a fee of Ksh 3,000 per participant. Interested participants may register for the course in the form below. Please note, late applicants will be contacted subject to availability of spaces.  

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