The Top 10 iPhone Apps for Getting in Shape

Read on to learn the top 10 iPhone Apps for getting in shape:

Fitocracy: It is a gaming app which offers points when you achieve your work out targets.  It is linked to social network apps and hence you can challenge your friends to take up the workout once you win.

Runkeeper: If you are a jogging lover, install run keeper.  It helps in tracking the distance covered in running and your pace.  You can link it to your iPod music for enjoying music while running.  You can share your goal achievement status with your friends too.  Runkeeper relieves you from the bother of buying a GPS watch.  For details on various natural and tech-savvy tips on reducing weight read

SparkPeople: Through SparkPeople, you can view exercise demos and share your exercises with others.

Gain fitness:  It is something like having a personal gym trainer when you install to gain fitness.  According to your time availability, it offers you custom workouts.

Nike +GPS:  It is a paid app.  It helps in tracking your run.

Lose it:  You can track your calorie intake using lose it.  You can either manually input the food items or scan the barcode of the food packing so that the app automatically calculates the calories.

Fitbit app:  The app comes free.  But when you buy a fit bit gadget it is more effective in losing weight by monitoring your calorie intake.

Nexercise: Nexercise is an excellent way of work doing work-out like a game.

Weightbot:  It is a paid app which helps in tracking your body weight.  It lets you know your BMI and helps you to achieve BMI easily.

Calorie taker:  Again, it helps in tracking food intake calories.  But it is a paid app.

Instead of taking paid apps you can initially use the free apps.  Once you are very serious you can install paid apps and get the best results.