The Internet Technologies Tools Everyone Should Know

We live in the age of blazing fast internet, data transmission beyond our minds, and exponential technological change. The internet is changing fast and will ramp up in pace as time goes along, which is why you should know these three types of internet technologies to study today!

The first internet technology is video sharing services such as YouTube, YouTube aggregates and makes it easy to deliver videos across the internet to people across the world (In Russia, Brazil, or even Germany you can buy German YouTube Subscribers here – Mehr YouTube Abos kriegen) that most content creators will never meet in their lives. The internet we know and love is now centered around these types of websites.

The second prominent IT technology is anonymous social media networks like 4chan, reddit and Twitter which allows people to anonymously post their content in a neutral and non-biased environment and find communities similar to their ideals to which they can discuss and chat about issues they enjoy. These websites are growing and they are growing fast, we should see most of the world’s countries using them or another domestic analog (like Weibo in China for example) in the next decades.

The last internet technology that has dramatically shaped the world we know today are non-anonymous social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram that allow people to have real world connections with people they know across the internet. These sorts of websites have gotten amazingly popular, Facebook is now the most widely used internet website in existence other than Google for example. They also have huge amounts of market power (such as when they use data in shady ways) and makes almost unlimited profits.

These three new internet technologies conclude ours post about new internet technologies that everyone should be familiar and close with. People who are investors may find this article great because it shows the three major trends in internet technology that are ramping up today.