The Best New Skin Care Technologies in 2018

We live in an era where we carry palm-sized computers in our pockets without giving a second thought to it. With so much advancement in technology, it is to believe that there is no impact on the fashion and beauty world. Technology did change a lot; it has revolutionized the very concept of shaving and other beauty products.

We have come up with the best skin care technologies that you should be looking forward to in 2018. These technologies are really going to have a great impact on the beauty world.

La Roche-Posay UV Sense

The nine-millimeter stick of a wearable form is going to pair with an app in order to tell you things regarding skin care adjustment. It will tell you when it time to put on a little more sun-block, or get out of heat. It will provide you details that will help you combat with sides effects of allergens, pollution and humidity.

NuBody Skin Toning Device

You can use this first microcurent FDA cleared device at your home. After a couple of session, you will be able to see a firmer body. It tends to tone and contour your body using electric waves. This is among the must have beauty devices in 2018.

Neutrogena Skin360 and SkinScanner

You no longer have to head to expensive dermatologists in order to determine the condition of your skin. Simply attach this $50 device to your iPhone and let it do its magic. It will analyze your skin’s fine lines, pore size and hydration situation in no time. You exactly know where you stand and the type of products that you might need to rectify the damage done to you skin.

Schick Intuition F.A.B Razor

This new and amazing razor has turned everything that we knew about shaving upside down. It does not use electricity, yet it is among the most high-tech beauty products this year.  The razor glides up and down on your skin without a hassle and gives the neatest shave ever possible.

This and much more is coming this year. To keep yourself update regarding everything that goes in the beauty world, check out mangolift.