The Latest Technology to Make Your Wedding Day Even More Memorable

If you have your wedding day is coming up, one thing that would be on your mind would be how to make the wedding more memorable and unique from the rest of the weddings taking place in every corner. My answer would be to use technology. Technology is now offering creative and cool ways to add that extra bling to your wedding party. In this article, we discuses the latest tech trends that you can use for your wedding prep.

  1. Live Stream Camera: For your loved ones that won’t be able to reach your wedding, using Live Stream feature available through various apps and Social Networking websites would be the best answer. Youtube and Facebook were the first ones to come up with this idea but more tech companies are offering their advanced services.
  2. Drones: Drone cameras add that extra angle to your wedding day photography. Right from the sky high view of the wedding location to capturing crazy dance movies of friends on the dance floor, drone cameras reaches all places that other traditional cameras can’t reach but make sure that your venue allows drones on their venue.
  3. Robotic Bartender: Yes, Robotic bartenders are the new trend with ability to make custom drinks as per each guest’s demand. These robotic bartenders can be operated though apps from where you can decide the mix of your drink. These bartenders acting as a mixologist do grab a lot of attention and selfies from wedding guests.
  4. 3 D printed Wedding Cake: Wedding cake always attract a lot of attention from guests and 3D printed wedding cakes have taken the culinary world by storm. City Hall Wedding by Choco Studio have come up in this domain offering a wide range of services with their custom tools. Your wedding guest are going to line up in queues to have first 3D print wedding cake of their lives.