Super Cool Innovations in 3D Visualization Technology

If you were paying attention in the past years, 3D Printing, AI, Robotics and Automation have been increasingly relevant in the past years as people look for better and better profit margins and as costs for labor rise across the world relative to their automatable potential. 3D Printing in particular is quite an interesting technology, because it can be applied to so many different fields and be applied to other technologies like automation. Here we’ll talk about the super cool innovations in 3D printing technology over the next decade or so.

  • Combining 3D printing with Manufacturing and Automation

3D printing when scaled up to a cheap and reliable platform can be used to easily create inputs for manufacturing, 3D printing combined with automation AND manufacturing can significantly reduce the costs for final goods in the market, of which most of the cost comes from labor and transportation of goods from disparate factories and locations.

Just imagine shipping components to a factory in Guangzhou or in Kuala Lumpur, having them be processed from raw materials into inputs for robots, then having the robots finish the product. You cut out transportation costs by uniting the raw inputs processing and the actual assembly centers, you cut out labor costs by reducing the need for humans with robotic automation.

  • 3D visualization

3D visualization can be effectively used to plan things out beforehand, in manufacturing you can tweak your product on the internet using any variety of 3D visualization software like this one and get a hold of great product visuals before you even start having to test it out for defects. Once in a manufacturing plant we were manufacturing small toys for children and we ended up finding a defective component with the 3D visualization system before we even started selling. The future is here.