Simple tech solutions to reduce your carbon footprint

Our modern world is a combination of pleasure and pain; on the one hand we have gadgets and devices for all conceivable purposes to make our lives easier and on the other hand, these very devices are making the planet less habitable and more toxic.

Our gadgets are draining us economically and environmentally. Even when they are in standby mode they are guzzling energy and this is not good for the planet. Every joule of energy needed is obtained by the burning of fossil fuels. This releases CO2 and other greenhouse gases which in turn lead to global warming.

It is the time people became aware of their responsibilities to the planet and become more energy conscious. Carbon footprint is a measure of CO2 produced by everyday things. Here are few steps that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tips to reduce the carbon footprint

  • Clean energy solutions: Move from traditional power sources to wind, solar and geothermal power solutions for all your energy needs. Solar panels have become a common feature in many households.
  • Energy efficient appliances: Replace all your old appliances and change to energy star labeled products. This will cut the carbon emissions as well your utility bills.
  • Lights with motion sensors: Lights and fans that are not turned off waste a lot of energy. You can invest in motion sensors that automatically control the lights and fans and switch them off when you step out of the room. With regards to light bulbs go for LED bulbs which use less power and are energy efficient.
  • Use rechargeable batteries: For appliances that run on batteries change from normal batteries to rechargeable ones which can be reused several times. I keep this flashlight in my purse which runs on rechargeable batteries; it is convenient and long-lasting and with a smaller carbon footprint.