Semifinalists 2014

These are the Semi- Finalists for PIVOT East 2014:

Mobile Finance Category

logo    ChamaSoft (Kenya): A group management platform which manages administration of chamas, allowing them to concentrate on investment rather than administration.

valurahaValuraha (Kenya): It simulates Kenya’s financial ecosystem and enables students to interact with it using virtual money enhancing investor education.
copy-beyonic-logo-transparent-web-header_small1 Beyonic (Uganda): Our mission is to eliminate cash by creating the best solutions that enable business to make payments using mobile money – Uganda

logo-67c102db5e09e7975c47f8fa1c569ea3   Ensibuuko (Uganda) : Leveraging on mobile and web technologies to improve access to finance for small holder rural farmers – Uganda

kadi Kadi (Kenya): Kadi provides for school going students to carry their pocket money and make purchases with use of NFC technology – Kenya  
farmdrive FarmDrive (Kenya): FarmDrive connects smallholder farmers to enthusiast agribusiness investors – Kenya
chura Chura (Kenya): Chura connects a mobile user to all networks and their services from a single SIM card – Kenya  
tevat  Tevat (Kenya): Tevat aims to give entrepreneurs a platform to leverage family, friends, chamas & existing base of fans/supporters to collectively raise capital in exchange for equity – Kenya    
mchama M-chama (Kenya): M-chama is a mobile App that helps self-help groups (chamaz) that do Table Banking capture and keep their records timely and accurately – Kenya      
billon  Bill-On (Kenya): How easy is it to remember your details every time you want to pay your bills using your phone?Bill-On application is the solution for you – Kenya    

Mobile Enterprise Category

ASiM Mobile logoA SiM Mobile (Kenya) ASim Mobile is a supply chain mobile solution integrated seamlessly with most popular accounting, ERP apps in the world


buymore-web-logoBuymore (Kenya): Buymore offers student discounts that enhance user retail experience and push foot fall to merchants.

logo_kejahunt KejaHunt (Kenya): KejaHunt is an online property listing platform that helps you find a house and a roommate, and gives visibility to local businesses.

offersafrica (Kenya): Is a digital and dynamic marketing platform for businesses, which benefit from a dedicated platform to manage their marketing activities.

online hisabuOnline Hisab (Ethiopia): Online Hisab is a cloud-based accounting package for Ethiopian SMEs, who are looking for an affordable and easy to use accounting solution.


rtsopRTSOP (Kenya): RTSOP is an online and mobile-phone based platform that enables logistic companies which suffer empty return trips to commercialize return trips.


sapama (Kenya): Enables property agents to list and manage propertie details such as tenants, landlords, tenancy, rent and utilities details.

sootanoSootano (Kenya):  Sootano provides a platform  for Businesses and Freelancers to connect. It facilitates finding and contracting reliable service providers for jobs or projects


sagesSages Asset King (Kenya): Sages Asset King is a mobile app letting you do an efficient and paperless asset audit of tagged business assets via smartphone.


thinvoidThinVoid (Uganda): ThinVoid implements solutions & strategy that accelerate data collection.


Mobile Entertainment Category

lacelLogoEndiba (Uganda): Endiba provides the best in all local sport for every soccer lover. They provide you with league information such as league table, results, news and player profile


 epicEpic (Kenya): Epic provides a three prong approach to moving the Media houses from in-effective shoot-and-miss online content delivery, to a structured measurable, cost-effective way of creating profitable digital content.


funkeFunKe Science (Kenya): FunKe Science is a learning platform that seeks to teach science in a way that is both exciting and easy.


jifunzaJifunza (Rwanda): Jifunza builds digital experiences and games to expose the beauty, diversity and culture of Africa to the world to change negative stereotypes about the continent.


mapjam MapJam (Kenya): MapJam brings offline businesses and events online. They make it possible for anyone to perform or to sell wherever they see fit, and to find the things or talents they are searching for, when & where they wish


muvaMuva Studios (Kenya): Muva Studios develops small engaging games for low-end devices and high end devices to cover the larger market.


momentumMomentum Core (Kenya): Momentum Core develops simulation and entertainment games for the growing need by the environment around the globe.


safaritales-logoSafari Tales (Kenya): Safari Tales is an edutainment android mobile application for children to access Digital African Narratives & learn African Languages.


throughpassThroughpass (Kenya): Throughpass is a soccer networking platform that empowers aspiring professional footballers to connect with coaches, agents/scouts and fans from around the world.

ubongoUbongoKids (Tanzania): Ubongo Kids is a multiplatform, interactive edu-cartoon with SMS interaction broadcasting on TV to kids in Tanzania & online for kids around the world.


Mobile Utilities Category

askariAskari (Uganda): ASKARI is a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd-sources for crime data and provides users with information on security, updates on crime reports, dangerous crime zones and location of police stations.


cladlightCladLight (Kenya): CladLight presents a solution to motorcycle accidents using the Smart Jacket – a reflective jacket fitted with bright indicator lights.


gari smsGari Sms (Kenya): GARI SMS links car buyer and seller using SMS. The seller registers the car details (including price) via SMS then puts a ‘GARI SMS sticker’ on the car. When the buyer spots the sticker, he knows the car is on sale. The prospective buyer then queries the car details by sending the car’s registration number to an SMS shortcode which then sends the details as per the seller’s description.


maramojaMaramoja Transport (Kenya): Maramoja is Kenyan social enterprise dedicated to providing easy access to safe, reliable transport services through your mobile device.


  mafundiMafundi (Kenya): Mafundi is a web and mobile startup that connects home and office owners with broken items to the best technicians around to repair their items by selecting the best rated in their area then contacting them to fix their items.

matserveMatserve Msafiri (Kenya): Matserve Msafiri is a road safety android app integrated with a web app to solve the challenges faced by stakeholders in the transport industry. The app facilitates reports on road menaces to mitigate against accidents caused by avoidable human errors & impunity.

mavaziMavazi (Kenya): Mavazi is an application that provides an easy way for users to digitally organize their closet and plan what to wear by cataloging and selecting from their items. They also get to share the styles they’ve put together with their friends and hear from them.


parcelsolutionsParcelSolution (Kenya): is a mobile based parcel notification solution that helps courier companies alert customers about the status of their parcels, when the parcels are on the way and when the parcels are available for collection.

sendySendy (Kenya): A platform for on-demand errands. With the tap of a button, we instantly connect senders and riders and enable payments via mobile phones


shulewiki Shulewiki (Tanzania): Is a one stop school directory that helps education scholars to find the best school, view performance trends and get in touch with all schools. ShuleWiki gives you all the information on schools in Tanzania.


Mobile Society Category

andrush systemsAndrush Systems (Uganda): Findit is a communication tool that lets organizations reach their target community with pertinent, actionable and relevant information. In every case,Findit puts local-language SMS, voice messaging and other telecoms technology in the hands of project managers and field leaders to efficiently send community members information that interests them.

agriinfoAgrInfo (Tanzania): AgrInfo is mobile and web portal addressing the challenge of land ownership verification, solves land conflicts between villagers and investors using GIS by mapping the plots and using mobile GPS for surveying locations.

benchcareBenchcare (Kenya): Benchcare is a cloud based application modeled towards easing physician’s workflow. The software focuses on efficient administration and operation of small practices predominantly With the aim of maximizing productivity.

moquestionMoquestions (Uganda): Moquestion is an online question bank with a purpose of connecting learning institutions with people around the world.


mwakilimWakili (Kenya): mWakili is aimed at solving the problems which many Kenyans experience concerning Legal affairs. It helps the user to locate a law firm of his/herchoice and enables him/her to enquire about a particular case directly to the law firm. It also gives the users basic legal steps to follow when carrying out an activity e.g registering a company.

sokotextSokoText (Kenya): SokoText uses SMS based pre-ordering service to make it easier for small fruit and vegetable sellers in slums to get their daily stock. SokoText is a social enterprise based in Mathare slum in Nairobi.


somoSomo (Kenya): SOMO is an SMS service that delivers daily bible readings to members of the Catholic faith upon subscription.


sokonectSokoNect (Kenya): SokoNect uses mobile technology and the Kenyan County govt to reduce farmers post harvest losses and maximize profits by eliminating Brokers. SokoNect enables farmers to upload information about availability of their produce for sale enabling buyers to prepare enough package materials.

totohealthTotoHealth (Kenya): TotoHealth enables hospitals and organizations to communicate and provide targeted information on antenatal & postnatal care using low-cost phones.


zapmedicZapmedic by Bitways Limited (Uganda): Zapmedia is an online medical appointment scheduling service with a primary goal of improving access to health care by helping patients find healthcare practitioners online in an easy and convenient way


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