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Uhasibu Launches – A fully integrated Payroll System

Uhasibu is a cloud based accounting package developed specifically for small and medium companies in East Africa. Supporting the local legislation and the work-flows actually used in East Africa.Using Uhasibu, financial management becomes more efficient, freeing up resources that can be re-deployed on the actual business. On 1st March 2016, Uhasibu launched, its newest innovation payroll management system built specifically for the payroll rules and regulations relevant in Kenya. Unlike the traditional payroll systems, digitally manages and provides all the required paperwork for every type of worker a business can employ; it is integrated with the local stakeholders e.g., KRA’s iTax system, NHIF online submission and so on, allowing the system to automatically do the return directly without the business owner or accountant having to learn or fully understand the individual processes. Essentially it’s like an easy to use interface or secret shortcut into the world of government agencies that are relevant to payroll management. This direct integration is extremely innovative in Kenya, an environment where organizations are only now digitizing their processes. Most of these organizations have not reached the point where they are looking beyond their own organization to directly integrate with other relevant organizations. In short it is officially not possible in Kenya to do what can do as these stakeholders generally do not offer platforms for systems to integrate with their systems. Ideally what the team is trying to achieve with this innovation is;

  1. To offer an easy and affordable solution to businesses in the market that allows them to be fully compliant with the payroll rules and regulations and avoid the unnecessary headache that comes with payroll management.
  2. Disrupt payroll management in Kenya by offering one platform where you can manage processes that before, would have required the knowledge, use and expertise of at least 5 different platforms. With, it’s a brand new day for businesses and payroll management in Kenya!

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