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Shupavu 291; The Next Mpesa of Education


Learning has now been made convenient, affordable and interesting through Shupavu 291. Shupavu 291 is an educational platform that is accessible on a basic mobile phone and allows learners across the country to access the Kenya National Curriculum aligned lessons through SMS. Shupavu 291 targets both primary and secondary school students. It also caters for school drop outs up to the age of 25. With only sh10 per week, students can access unlimited content, quizzes, Ask a Teacher service where a student can get to ask a one on one question with a live teacher and wikipedia – where the students can be able to access information about certain topics for one week. The tool has over 4,000 revision questions to help students prepare for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. It also has questions to prepare secondary students for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination. The content delivered by Shupavu 291 is approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) Shupavu 291 was created with teachers in mind. It’s the “teacher’s helper”. It is not competing with the work of the teachers, it is only there to supplement and complement the traditional teaching methods and assist the students to boost their performance. This service is not just for the student alone, teachers and parents too can be able to check reports on individual student performance as well as school performance via an SMS. The service can be accessible from any phone including a “Mulika Mwizi”. This makes it easier from students from all backgrounds to access the service wherever they are. Since 2013, when it was piloted, Shupavu has reached over 572,000 mobile learners with 469,000 of them being primary school students while 86,000 are secondary school students. There are 17,000 teachers enrolled on the platform to assist the learners. The service has also benefited 3,000 students in Kakuma and over 20,000 students and 378 teachers in Daadab refugee camp. Shupavu 291 which is an initiative of Eneza Education in partnership with Safaricom was officially launched on 18th March at the Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel. Eneza Education is hoping to reach at least 10 million  learners in primary school and secondary school across Africa with the service. To access the service, dial *291#  from a Safaricom line and follow the instructions. Register for the service to enjoy unlimited educational content anywhere in the country.

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