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Pivot East: Semi Finalists Reviews.

50 semi finalists of this year’s regional mobile apps and developer competition – Pivot East were announced on 11th April 2012 HERE The top 50 are competing to be in the list of 25 finalists who will present at the regional pitching conference on 5th and 6th June 2012. Below are brief descriptions of the applications that made it to top 50 list out of 206 applications.

1. Changamka: A crowd funding platform aiming at pooling funds from the community to finance promising creative or social change initiatives and projects – Submitted by Charles Kimani.
2. School bursar: Streamlines the process of receiving and managing payments through M-Pesa – Submitted by Jacob Mwema (** see explanatory note)
3. Chamapro: A platform that helps informal financial self-help groups and savings clubs digitize their information management and record keeping – Submitted by  Mimano Muthondu
4. MobiKash: A mobile commerce platform that is Telco network-agnostic – Submitted by Jude Okello
5. mCollector: An App based on the use of Mobile Money to send bulk payment from the group to the MFI – Submitted by Oskar Himmelreich                    
6. Kwachu Tiko: An event ticketing management App for smart phones – Submitted by Emmanuel Nyachoke                    
7. M-Tafiti: A short code and USSD based system that allows research organizations to collect data from respondents through Micro Worker – Submitted by Weda Moses               
8. Pay4Us: An App that aims to unite mobile money and micro-finance by offering financial collaboration – Submitted by Kariuki Gathitu
9. Future Magnate: A parent monitored web and mobile money management and shopping system for children and teens – Submitted by Macharia Kihahu
10. QuickElec: A mobile solution that allows electricity consumers to reach to the service provider and eases transaction and relations – Submitted by Jacob Shaviya

1. Dairy Sacco App: A mobile based credit tool modeled on agricultural cooperatives that provide inputs and merchandise to their members on credit against produce deliveries – Submitted by Joram Kinuthia
2. Art Pakacha: A platform that builds an online community of creatives where they can buy, sell, hire and barter tools of their trade – Submitted by Wambui Kamiru              
3. SMS Based Health Insurance Members Verification: SMS based members’ verification system used to verify health insurance of members when they go to access services at hospitals – Submitted by Anthony Kigombola                  
4. AFRILANCE: A business outsourcing web/mobile portal where freelance service providers meet customers and do business – Submitted by George Mwangi              
5. MyBusiness App: An app that helps entrepreneurs to audit their business books by enabling their cashiers to record all sales and expenditures on to the web database – Submitted by Kizito Masaba           
6. SMS Offline and Online virtual Market place: A platform that integrates money transfer and delivery services – Submitted by Dominic Njihia Mbiriri            
7. Get-it! App: An app that intends to facilitate restaurant goers to know the location of restaurants on the go – Submitted by Charles Eloi Cyusa           
8. Procurement Office: An app that offers clients with existing tenders to submit them online and let the public offer various quotations concerning the specific tender – Submitted by Mukhwana Kennedy Maikuma
9. Wakili: A platform that helps Lawyers handling their cases more efficiently – Submitted by Louis Openda               
10. Easy Order: Mobile ordering and supply chain management application to simplify how customers order for goods from manufacturers and distributors – Submitted by Kaye Billy Branks


1. Ma3racer: A racing game set on the busy Nairobi highways – Submitted by  Mwaura Kirore
2. AngryKenyans: A satirical mobile game aimed at mocking the Villains in the daily life in Kenya – Submitted by Idd Salim
3. RUN FOR AFRIKA: A game application on running for wife to be across the African continent – Submitted by Kevin Okeyo           
4. KenyanEnt: A project that involves streaming of live/archived entertainment materials – Submitted by Charles Kimani         
5. Tough jungle: An action game app with an African jungle setting – Submitted by Gerald Kibugi            
6. Mingle: A chat app – Submitted by Kennedy Nyaga         
7. TUBET: A mobile-based service that enables users especially football fan to place and collect bets – Submitted by Asif Khan
8. Mag Preview: An application that provides a brief preview on the contents of magazines before they hit the stores – Submitted by Karumba Charles Gatama
9. Andromaid: An app that is an educational game for young children to simulate quick learning and problem analysis – Submitted by Muhebwa Aggrey            
10. Magaziine: An app that facilitates sharing several media content – Submitted by Titus Mawano

1. eLimu: An ed-tech initiative that is focused on Primary School education – Submitted by Nivi Mukherjee
2. FarmPal: An App where farmers can access information to help them increase their productivity – Submitted by Thomas Kioko             
3. FISHMATE: Application that engages the public on fish-farming industry – Submitted by Mukeli Matei            
4. Gorecycler: An app that provides a platform for people to find recycling resources and institutions – Submitted by Samuel Ngoda           
5. GreenhousePro: An application that provides farmers with information on the greenhouse production from planting to sale – Submitted by Elijah Ngahu             
6. Mpoultry: Brooder poultry monitoring using a mobile phone – Submitted by Mwanje Musa                
7. MPrep: An SMS-based study solution for students, teachers, and schools – Submitted by Toni Maraviglia             
8. Mtu wa Job: A mobile service that allows workers who do electronic repair services get clients who require their services – Submitted by Macharia Kihahu            
9. SARURA: An application which aims at providing weather updates and agricultural advice to farmers – Submitted by Esther Kunda            
10. StorySpaces: A digital storytelling portal – Submitted by Victor Miclovich


1. 6ix degrees: A phone backup system that allows users to back up all their contacts and later restore them when need arises – Submitted by Shadrack Ogechi           
2. Crowdpesa: A location based service that enables its users to find the nearest Financial and Retail services – Submitted by Christian Kakoba.      
3. iTravel: An application used for booking flights, and hotels and bus seats – Submitted by Victor Olweny  
4. Mafuta Go: An application that helps users find the nearest fuel stations with the prices and Services that best suit their needs – Submitted by Ampaire Christine
5. Mare-Mare: Provides a platform where goods and services are traded without using a medium of exchange such as cash credit-cards or cheques – Submitted by Moses Kimani
6. Migwa: An app that enables users find houses, or residential rooms or buildings for rent or sale around them – Submitted by Kooma Benjamin             
7. mTracker: An app that enables users manage security of their possessions – Submitted by  Mwema Jacob
8. M-Verified: An application for Verification of documents legitimacy – Submitted by Patrick Mutahi
9. Smart Drive 360: An application that provides information on traffic signs and other traffic rules – Submitted by Gerald Kibugi
10. Tell-a-Friend: SMS based system that lets marketers, market their products to their friends and contacts – Submitted by Weda Moses

** In our previous post we had erroneously listed mPermit instead of School Bursar in the Financial Services Category. The correct application is School Bursar as submitted by the developer of mPermit. Our sincere apology for the error.

The final 25 companies who will pitch at the conference will be announced within the next week. For more information about the competition see the earlier explanatory post here.