PIVOT East Semi-Finalists 2015

These are the Semi- Finalists for PIVOT East 2015:


Mobile Finance Category


BitFinance (Kenya)We make it super easy to buy and/or sell Bitcoin. We enable near seamless monetary transactions online using Bitcoin as a medium.

ekobiasharaEko Biashara (Kenya): It helps you manage, run and track money in your business through sales, purchases and expenses using your laptop or mobile device


Hisa Play (Kenya)Real Time Stock Market simulation game with inbuilt Social network, teaching you how to be a financial guru in a fun easy way

softprovidersSoftProviders LTD (Rwanda):  an IT solutions provider tailored to customer needs.

shield Shield (Kenya): Is using proprietary technology, leveraging on Mobile Money to offer under banked employees salary advances directly to their phones 

vmoneyV-Money (Tanzania): Enabling use of “pin numbers on scratch cards/vouchers” to cash in/top-up mobile money to mobile users(eg.Mpesa) and to Mobile money agents.

kopaleoKopaLeo (Kenya): a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd sources for microfinance, insurance data and provide users information on loan borrowing


bangaizaBangaiza (Kenya): a mobile solution that allows bank customers to issuing standing order instructions to mobile money and paybill numbers


mobfitMOBFIT (Uganda):  a web-based mobile application that will provide small scale businesses with easy to use financial records management tools.

remitwallet Remit Wallet (Kenya): a zero rated product will transform funds transfer from diaspora to be more efficient with reduced cost of transaction.

Mobile Enterprise Category

duma Duma Works (Kenya): Connects growing companies to talent via an SMS-based job matching platform that ensures quality through a screening process.


Djuaji (Kenya):  Facilitates scalable survey-based research to help businesses obtain data at low cost by paying respondents with mobile money 


Mobu (Kenya): We help merchants convert their excess and new stock/services into a marketing tool through discovery commerce. 

sumuni Sumuni (Kenya): Is a classified online platform where businesses and individuals can list thier items for hire,rent or lease to potential clients.

sapama (Kenya): Is a Cloud Human Resource Management System that streamlines and simplifies the already complex Human Resource Processes.

tenderprenuer (Kenya): Is a cloud based platform that automates supplier discovery and tendering.

ekodi E-Kodi (Kenya): Revolutionizing the real estate industry by bringing all players onto one platform and creating a captive audience. 

sanicms SaniCMS (Kenya): We help churches better connect with the congregation by providing a platform to manage membership records and day-to-day communication. 

vivi Vivi (Kenya): Is an online socio-commerce community that is dedicated to rewarding the loyalty of customers to the businesses that subscribe to it.

delisasa Delisasa (Kenya): Is an online discovery service providing basic information on small businesses in Africa

Mobile Entertainment Category

sokaSoka (Tanzania): Is the most reliable mobile platform to stay in touch instantly with all that is happening on ‘LOCAL AFRICAN’ football.

boreshaBoresha (Kenya): A digital content creator which specialises in curriculum aligned digital education resources in the form of ebooks, games, revision tests.
moviewMoview (Tanzania): Is a free application designed to give fans of movies in Africa a platform to get instant information about movies.
makaraoMakarao (Kenya): (slang for‘The Police’) is a hilarious 2D animation series on YouTube with episodes ranging between1-2minutes.
scrinartsScrinArts (Kenya): is pioneering the field of 3d game development in the country being among the first company in East Africa to develop a AAA game.
spotmeSpotMe (Kenya): The fastest way to keep up and meet your friends. You can easily see who’s out nearby and who wants to get together from a mutual background
zaalaZaala (Uganda): Is a mobile game that allows users to pick a number from 1-3 inclusive for a chance to win money and lots of prizes at any time.
trendingshowTrendingshoW (Uganda):  Is a mobile app for individuals to directly connect to their TV shows by giving users program lineups of any local TV station.
guumzoGuumzo (Tanzania): Is the easiest way to share customized, personal and public voices since the invention of ‘radios’ back in 1800s.
kaka and chuiKaka and Chui (Kenya): Game provides kids with a comprehensive introduction to the Swahili language. Make playing time learning time for your kids.​

Mobile Society and Governance Category

arifuArifu (Kenya): An education market place where the world’s least served people find information they need from organizations they trust on any mobile phone.


BOOKEX (Kenya): Is an application developed to facilitate primary school students with the exchange of primary school book between successive class. 

mysecurityMySecurity (Kenya): Is a real-time source of official and crowd-sourced crime data,missing and wanted persons lists, emergency contacts list, security briefings, map showing crime hotspots and police stations and hospitals.


Ultipedia (Kenya): Is an android game that makes exam preparation fun and interactive.No more to bulky and tedious books or revision material. 


Aginfo (Tanzania): Works with smallholder farmers to facilitate them to access financing, input and output suppliers by keeping an online database.  

feedback Feedback-RT (Uganda): Is a mobile puzzle game which creates HIV/AIDS awareness to the player through pop-up questions. Real time feedback is given. 

politik Politik (Kenya): Is the “LinkedIn” for politics, making it fun & interactive and in so doing, increases participation among politicians & the youth.

ebantu  eBantu (Uganda): We make Ugandan youth more valuable by providing inspiring videos of local achievers in different areas through our mobile and web platforms.

softballot SoftBallot (Kenya): Softballot is a complete online voting platforms for running elections, polls and surveys that enables one to easily, securely and anonymously vote from any part of the world, on any internet enabled device


Soma Africa (Uganda): Apply to any school in Uganda for any course anytime from anywhere,only leave your comfort on school reporting day.

Mobile Utility Category

safemotosSafemotos (Rwanda): Uses smartphone sensors to determine whether a moto taxi
driver is more or less safe than average then connect customers to safer drivers.

snappSnapp Builder (Kenya): “Democratize app creation” – Build your idea in 15 minutes with no technical knowledge required.
ENT-Mobile ENT-Mobile (Kenya):ENT-Mobile builds a solution that makes digital service delivery easier, more personal, and more accessible by leveraging social media and mobile platforms
Alternate doors Valid Dreams (Kenya): Is an online application for Students/Individuals looking for career options,to enable them to get into the right occupation.
nikweliNikweli (Tanzania): Is a mobile-to-web job matching platform that connects employers and job seekers for low-to-medium-skilled positions.
toboaToboa Siri (Kenya): Is a content sharing application, where creatives have the opportunity to Create, Upload, Share, Connect and Make Money.
javadsJavads (Kenya): Is a location based transit advertising platform designed to allow businesses to actively engage a targeted audience by leveraging on the pervasive public transport network, the Internet and other technologies to disseminate information in a smart and easy way
willappsWillapps Limited (Uganda): Creators of ‘YAMBA’, a mobile application that ensures public safety by facilitating vigilance and pro-activity.
yanguaYanguwa (Uganda): Is an on-demand mobile app that connects clients with a vast network of affordable and reliable transporters across East Africa
africafashionAfrican Fashion (Tanzania): Embrace African culture,share,show case your outfits, hairstyles, Ornaments and live African way. Know How and where to get African Fashions!