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Port Your Android Apps to Windows and Win a Phone

m:lab East Africa is giving you an opportunity to win one of 6 brand new Windows devices courtesy of Microsoft, for porting your Android apps to Windows. This is all part of a campaign to sensitize developers to develop for and take advantage of the benefits of the Windows platform. mlab_logo_simple The campaign will kick off on the 14th October 2014, where m:lab will hold a Microsoft Apps Porting Campaign Prelude- an event where developers and interested participants will get to learn how and why they should port their Android Apps to the Windows platform. Participants will not only get basic training on the platform, but also valuable support and more at the event.Microsoft-new-logo   Here is a breakdown of the campaign’s timelines (All dates for the year 2014):

[list type=”bubble”] [li]From 14th October to 9th November, participants are expected to develop their Window apps.

[/li] [li]From 10th November to 16th November, the apps are published to the Windows store.

[/li] [li]From 17th November to 23rd November, the apps go through the store’s QA process.

[/li] [li]From 24th November to 28th November, the apps are sampled, the best ones determined and announced.

[/li] [/list]

Reward Structure: Judges from Microsoft will identify the best 5 newly submitted apps to be awarded with a Windows device each. In order to be considered for a prize, participants will need to have published at least two apps to the store. The best tweep for the hashtag #WPAppsKE and having newly submitted at least one app in the store, will also be awarded with a Windows device. Newly submitted apps refer to apps published for the first time- not previously existing before the campaign. Following the launch of the campaign, interested participants may become part of it by:

  1. Registering to be participate through filling the form below.
  2. Porting their Android apps to Windows and submitting information about their apps HERE.
  3. Participating on social media with the hashtag #WPAppsKE

If you already ported your Android apps to Windows, remember to let us know HERE.

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