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Mobile Testing Statistics 2014

m:lab East Africa’s testing facility as of December 2014  hosted over one hundred and forty mobile devices on these platforms : Bada, Android, iOS, Blackberry,Symbian, Windows and Windows Phone 8. It continues to provide a wide range of devices for developers to test their applications on. Over the last year, the most notable characteristic has been the drastic increase in testing activity on the Smartphone platforms… Here are the key points that stand out from 2014 stats:

  • Number of devices available for testing: 141
  • Cumulative number of in-facility testing testing hours – 2170 ( 451hrs in 2014 )
  • Cumulative Number of overnight lending days for devices – 1398 ( 755 total overnight days in 2014 )
  • Number of Unique developers in 2014 (Approx: 160 devs)

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