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Mobile Testing room statistics Q1 | 2015

m:lab East Africa Testing room has been offering testing services to developers, consistently opening its doors to mobile and web application developers who visit to test their applications. The facility is well stocked with a wide range of devices bearing different hardware configurations and operating systems. The facility aims to efficiently serve the techies who access the space to develop quality tested applications with fair rates. The space is not only limited to developers but even corporates and companies who wish to test their applications before releasing to the market. The available platforms are; Bada, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows phone. Testing data is recorded to monitor the facility’s usage and to give statistical feedback to the community. These statistics can be used to evaluate popular target markets based on platform that most developers test on, availability of developers based on the number of developers who develop for a certain platform among other statistical inferences that can be extrapolated from the data. For the first quarter of 2015 the key points that stand out are:

  • Number of devices available for testing: 141
  • Cumulative number of in-facility testing testing hours – 2207 ( 37hrs in Q1 – 2015 )
  • Cumulative Number of overnight lending days for devices – 1544 ( 155 total overnight days in Q1 – 2015 )


  MLAB TESTING ROOM USAGE STATISTICS Q1 2015 | Create infographics

Compiled by: Marvin Collins and Martin Agaya

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