Local Angel Investors for Tech – Training Workshop

Workshop Objectives:

  • To demonstrate to angel investors/ groups the process and factors to be considered before, during and after investing in early stage businesses (ESBs) in Tech
  • To illustrate value creation after investing in ESBs in Tech
  • To appreciate the challenges and opportunities of in investing in tech innovation based startups

Target Audience:

High networth individuals and investment clubs in Kenya looking for ways to support Kenya’s Tech startup ecosystem and to diversify their investment portfolios to include Tech.

Venue: m:lab East Africa Boardroom

Dates: 25th May,  29th June,  28th July, 31st August,

Time: Saturdays 9am – 12.30pm

Participation Fees: Kshs 20,000

Deadline for Applications: 22nd April 2013

Space Limit: 12 Participants Max

Workshop Format:

  • Speakers – Opportunities for investment in early stage Tech startups by industry experts
  • Theory sessions – Theories of investing relevant to early stage startups by early stage business finance experts
  • Practical pitches – Presentations by startups and case study analysis with experienced  investors
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