How to Start a Design Blog in Quick Steps

Do you think it is possible to write about designing and earn extra money for that? Yes, it is possible because of the WordPress as well as the blogging world. If you really want to start a design blog or any blogging, then WordPress plays a good role in it. It is also the most used platform for blogging.

If you make use of Hostgator as a host, then installation of WordPress will be very easy for you and in addition, Hostgator also provide Hostgator coupon code to avail more benefits. Here are some steps to follow to start a good design blog and they are as follows.

Choose A Web Host for Your Design Blog:

Getting ready to start a new design blog? Then choose a good host for you before starting your blog. Since there is a huge number of hosts available for blogging platforms, choosing a right one play an important role.

Don’t choose the free blogging platforms because choosing a free platform won’t help you in creating unique as well as an original blog that looks appealing and professional to visitors. So the first step in starting web host will be the selection of good hosting company. In that manner, Hostgator will be the best choice for you to help in satisfying all the above-mentioned things.

Select A Domain Name for Your Blog:

After selecting a good hosting company, picking a good domain name is also very important so as to set-up your design blog. This is because you need to stick with that particular name after choosing even it is offered by your web host or you purchased it separately. You can also create a list for your domain name to choose from and also ask people to share their opinion regarding the list of domain names.

Also, your domain name will have to be easy and simple so that your visitors can share your blog during their conversation. The Hostgator will also help you in getting a good domain name and in addition, it will provide more discounts and benefits.

WordPress Set-Up:

After having a hosting company and a good domain name you can begin WordPress set up. Many hosting companies offer automated installation of WordPress and Hostgator allows you easy installation of WordPress. This allows you to install WordPress in an easy as well as the simple manner and with very few steps. The WordPress can be installed in two ways and they are,

  • Manual Installation: If the hosting company you have selected doesn’t offer automated installation then you can install it by your own as the installation process of WordPress is very easy and anyone can install it to start their helpful blogs.
  • Automated Installation: If your host allows for automated installation, then just follow the prompts and finish the set-up. After installed it successfully you are allowed to log in to the dashboard of your WordPress.

Select A Theme from WordPress:

After selecting the hosting company, domain name and installed the WordPress in a proper manner, it is time to begin designing your blog. By default, the WordPress will consist of free themes which are made to be installed already in it and you can choose from those themes. You can check out all the default themes, even though you like the default theme.

There are much more points to remember while choosing the theme for your blog. If you really want to provide a good experience for your visitors as well as users then you must consider the below mentioned factors when selecting theme for your blog.

  • Search for a responsive theme of WordPress.
  • Customization will be offered more for premium themes than the free themes.
  • Your theme must always be a reflection of your style.
  • It must be updated in a regular manner.
  • It must contain more options for

Customize Your Design Blog:

Customizing your blog is really a fun and you will enjoy this session. You have to edit layout for your design blog, install plugins, select different backgrounds, choose widgets, and adjust the color schemes so as to get a good theme for your design blog. WordPress dashboard allows you to edit the look of your blog. So have a look at the various menus & options available in the WordPress dashboard. Make the design of your blog more stylish, stunning as well as appealing.

Start Writing Amazing Contents:

Once you have completed all these steps, then your design blog is ready to post. The next process includes writing articles, setting main pages, building links and so on.

These are the steps to be followed to start an amazing design blog. Hope this will be very useful for you to start your own design blog with the Hostgator hosting company so as to generate more traffic on your website and to get good search engine rankings. Moreover, it also offers great security to your document too.