How Technology is Changing Traditional Marketing 

Technology is changing fast and consistently and the pace at which this change happens is more than most of us ever thought was possible. This transformation is influenced by the fact that so many of us spend more time on our laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Brands are now left to face the challenge of connecting with customers through all these gadgets in real time by creating campaigns that are effective across e-commerce, social media and display advertising channels. The good thing is technology now makes it quite easy for your brand to easily monitor your ad spend.

The nature and efficiency of marketing has been influenced by the real-time conversations brands are now having with people as they interact with mobile apps and websites. The job description of the modern-day marketing department has changed. They now need to combine the technical side of data (analytics and digital engineering) with the creative angle of marketing (making use of powerful narratives to activate people’s aspirations and wishes).

Digital marketing is to a very large extent the most cost-effective way for marketing departments to carry out their operations these days. Particularly when it comes to allocating how the ad funds are spent. However, most traditional marketing channels demand substantial funds for you to get started.

Using pinpoint targeting, brands can target a specific audience for every of their campaigns. Brands can craft a specific message to be targeted at car enthusiasts interested in high-end cars, above the age of 37 and are based in France. With a few clicks, everything is set and ready to roll.

Technology is also giving brands the power of a wider reach. Brands can now reach more people outside their immediate locale particularly useful for products and services not bound by physical logistics.

It’s almost not possible to adequately know if a billboard ad resonates with the audience seeing them except for the occasional few who write in. Technology has transformed marketing to the point that feedback and analytics is just a click away.