How technology has changed the way we dress

Whenever we get to dress up, we are more concerned about how smart the cloth looks on our body. This we do without giving much thoughts to the technological elements that have been sewn into the fabrics of our attire.So, we intend to look at how technology has changed our dressing in this article.

In reviewing the impact of technology on our dressing, we cannot but talk about the evolution of smartwearables that have been integrated with high-tech features. This set of wears sometimes qualify as gadgets that can carry out an array of function. Examples of such wearables include Of Adrenaline Dress which can sense the wearer’s mood;Smart Sports accessories that allow the wearer to stay abreast of his/her fitness status to mention but a few.

How technology makes our clothes whole

Since the clothes we wear immensely affect how we dress, this article will be out of balance without briefly looking at the equipment that enable designers craft different styles.Right from the days of simple sewing tools to the era when machines [such as spinning wheel, mills, sewing machine and so on] were brought to the limelight, technology has always been a core part of fashion.

The number of innovative apparatus used in fashion designing goes a long way to show how influential technology is in making our clothes whole. The best sewing machine you will find in the market should be one with many distinctive features that enables designers give you a piece with a silhouette that perfectly suits you.

It even gets interesting to know that mobile apps which enable you to set up an admirable wardrobe are within your fingertips.Stylicious, My Dressing, Stylebook and The Hunt are some of thevirtual assistants that will help you dress better.

From the foregoing, one could surmise that technology has changed [and is still changing] the way we dress by impacting how clothes are made; virtually aiding us to pick the right set of clothes and accessories and also helping us turn out in a ‘healthy’ fashion.