Mobile Utility Category

safemotos Safemotos (Rwanda): Uses smartphone sensors to determine whether a moto taxi driver is more or less safe than average then connect customers to safer drivers.

snappSnapp Builder (Kenya): “Democratize app creation” – Build your idea in 15 minutes with no technical knowledge required.
nikweliNikweli (Tanzania): A mobile-to-web job matching platform that connects employers and job seekers for low-to-medium-skilled positions.
africafashionAfrican Fashion (Tanzania): Embrace African culture,share,show case your outfits, hairstyles, Ornaments and live African way. Know How and where to get African Fashions!
SoftBallot (Kenya): An online voting platforms for running elections, polls and surveys that enables one to easily, securely and anonymously vote from any part of the world, on any internet enabled device. softballot
Waiting list yanguaYanguwa (Uganda): Connects clients with a vast network of affordable and reliable transporters across East Africa

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