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SokoText (Kenya): SokoText uses SMS based pre-ordering service to make it easier for small fruit and vegetable sellers in slums to get their daily stock. SokoText is a social enterprise based in Mathare slum in Nairobi.

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Moquestions (Uganda): Moquestion is an online question bank with a purpose of connecting learning institutions with people around the world.

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SokoNect (Kenya): SokoNect uses mobile technology and the Kenyan County govt to reduce farmers post harvest losses and maximize profits by eliminating Brokers. SokoNect enables farmers to upload information about availability of their produce for sale enabling buyers to prepare enough package materials.

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TotoHealth (Kenya): TotoHealth enables hospitals and organizations to communicate and provide targeted information on antenatal & postnatal care using low-cost phones.

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zapmedicZapmedic by Bitways Limited (Uganda): Zapmedia is an online medical appointment scheduling service with a primary goal of improving access to health care by helping patients find healthcare practitioners online in an easy and convenient way Visit site

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