Finalists 2011

The finalists are now preparing to pitch their mobile applications at the conference in June 14th and 15th. Among the finalist are 2 entries from Rwanda, 1 from Uganda and 1 from Tanzania. More information about the finalist applications is availed below. Applications in Mobile Payments and Mobile Commerce Kopo Kopo by Kopo Kopo, Inc – A software-as-a-service mobile payment gateway for small and medium sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. The service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Jamobi by OTB Africa Limited – A mobile software solution allowing members of the informal sector to effectively carry out book-keeping from their mobile device at affordable costs and convenience. MPAYER by Zege Technologies – In the wake of mobile money, high transaction businesses can hardly keep up with mobile money demands. MPAYER aims to make Mobile Money payments with enterprises easier, more efficient and much faster than current configurations. It aims to make mobile money more malleable. Bizito by Nyaruka in Rwanda – A platform that allows anyone to create a premium SMS service and earn money, using nothing more than the cell phone they already own.M-Shop by MTL Systems Limited – A platform allowing consumers to order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets for events, travel, goods & services. The solution provides USSD technology or a mobile application on smart phones to deliver this convenience at any time and from any location with a mobile carrier signal. Applications in Entertainment, Gaming, and Utilities Eat Out Mobile by Websimba, LTD – A product that allows users to search for restaurants by location, cuisine, budget and make reservations on the move using their mobile phones. It provides comprehensive details including photos, menus, maps, opening hours, customer ratings and details of special offers and discounts. Sakanya by Sakanya Network – An online service for recovery of lost documents in Kenya. It is a tool available on mobile phones empowering existing lost and found document agents to avail documents to their respective owners efficiently. It also provides batch document processing and a reporting functionality. Whive by Space Kenya Networks LTD – A mobile social aggregator integrated with major social media platforms. The application allows Whive Subscribers to communicate with contacts, friends via SMS, messaging and other social media. Whive is a recent winner of the Vision 2030 ICT award for Gender, Youth and Vulnerable Groups Sector in Kenya. Tuvitu by Shimba Technologies LTD – A mobile platform that contains content-rich mini-applications (widgets) which enable users to personalise the information they browse via their mobile phone. Tuvitu is Swahili for ‘small things’ My Social Mobile (MSM) by Bluewave Systems  –  An application that delivers Voiced alerts from Facebook/Twitter as you listen to your favorite Music. Hear who has tagged you in a photo, likes your status, re-tweeted your tweets among other great updates. Applications in Business and the Enterprise Uhasibu by Pluspeople Kenya LTD – A cloud based accounting system for small & medium companies in East Africa. It helps in generating KRA format VAT reports, petty cash management and other financial management features. It also supports East African Currencies and is accessible for sh1,000 per month. Bongo Live by Bongo Live Enterprises  from Tanzania – The first and only targeted opt-in based SMS advertising service in Tanzania. Subscribers receive offers and discounts of their interest whilst advertisers can target their niche demographic with measurable results. A group messaging component allows advertisers to send SMS to their existing contacts. NikoHapa by NikoHapa Ventures – A location based, no-setup-required customer loyalty program that drives new business to its partners who are local retailers and provides them with a host of novel geo-social marketing capabilities. EasyParking by Kenya Methodist University Students – Works with car park operators to assist city motorists in locating the nearest parking slot, view remaining slots,book a slot, and pay the parking fee. Product is intended to reduce the inconveniences motorists go through to locate free parking slots in Nairobi City. WapiDiscount by WapiGroup – This is an Android mobile application providing sales promotions and discounts in your locality for free. Features include adding promotions seen, informing friends, rating promotions and reporting abuse for fake promotions. Applications in Government, Agriculture and Education M-Farm by M-Farm Limited – A market transparency tool for farmers. Kenyan farmers simply SMS the number 3535 to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, to buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and to find buyers for their produce. Mobile Crop Disease Surveillance by Makerere University Students in Uganda – A highly automated smartphone-based survey system for crop disease, which uses camera images to diagnose viral damage and puts survey information online in real time. Campus 101 by Metro-Mobile – A mobile application that gives students a detailed summary of their university’s e-learning systems, up to date information about school’s events, and access to their Higher Education Loan Board (HELB) statuses. SchoolSMS Premium by Tusqee Systems – An Interactive Mobile Messaging System for schools using the 8-4-4 system in Kenya. Parents can get exam results, enquire about fees balances and fees statements from the school via use of SMS messages. Gahunda by HeHe Limited in Rwanda – An SMS based mobile application for appointment scheduling aimed at improving public service delivery. It allows for the public service providers to efficiently schedule appointments and meetings with clients and colleagues. The application also assists to rate quality of public services as well as carry out surveys to get public opinion on service delivery. Applications in Health KUSANYA: SMS Data Capture by BTI Millman LTD – A soluton harnessing the power and simplicity of an SMS to send data for fieldwork based operations primarily in the health sector. It sends a predefined string of information via SMS to the server for storage, analysis and later retrieval. M-Chanjo by M-Chanjo – An application that creates a centralized registry for children who should be in an immunization program, creates SMS reminders as a way of creating awareness and reminding patients of scheduled appointments, and manages patients’ appointments through an automated system. Pregnancy App by Sharper Innovations LTD – A mobile application that gives expectant mothers basic information that will be required during their pregnancy. This app, which does not require Internet connectivity will provide expectant mothers with free information on what to eat, which exercises to take, and other tips throughout their pregnancy. MEDKenya by Shimba Technologies LTD – A platform that provides symptom checkers, first-aid information, doctor & hospital directories. The product aims to make healthcare information affordable and accessible to Kenyans. M-ARV by Techne Craft Solutions LTD – An application that runs in the background of a mobile phone and reminds users to take Anti Retro Viral drugs at critical times for people living with HIV and AIDS.

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