m:lab facilitates Advanced Training on Agile Software Methodology


January 13, 2012

The Advanced training for managing scale-out of software projects which commenced at the m:lab East Africa premises on 30th July, ended on 7th August 2012. The training was carried out by ThoughtWorks and The World Wide Web foundation through m:lab East Africa. The entire course was aimed at aiding startup companies and corporate organizations address challenges faced in scaling-out software.DSC_0397-300x198 The training was attended by representatives from various companies in the software development sphere such as Mobile Planet, Virtual City, Fomobi, Mfarm, amongst others. The program comprised a series of highly practical but informative sessions where the students were engaged in relatively simple tasks with significant concepts tied to them.


A huge emphasis was placed on The Agile methodology of Software Development- an approach which in more ways than one, has proven to have invaluable benefits over the traditional forms of development.

After an intensive seven-day program, the training was brought to a close by a mini-graduation ceremony where participants were each awarded with certificates of completion, courtesy of

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Thoughtworks and m:lab East Africa.


A virtual community will be created by the participants to facilitate communication, promote the proliferation and exchange of ideas amongst themselves. It is the group’s intent to spearhead and promote the Agile movement in the Software Development sphere in Kenya, making it the de facto approach for the software production process. This group will be open for all who wish to be part of this revolutionary movement that seeks to bring positive change in software development. Follow us on social media to get more info on the group and how you can join.


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