Mobile Testing

Is Windows 8.1 Microsoft's best OS so far?

Mobile Testing

January 17, 2014

Microsoft has been quite active in training developers on useful programs, tools and resources that developers have been using in the past few months at the m:lab. Some of these are Visual Studio, Windows 8 App Development,Windows Phone, Windows Azure, BizSpark (for startups) and Dreamspark (for students). However, to leverage on such opportunities one has to instal Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 in their laptops in order to make Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. A few months ago, microsoft released Windows 8.1 OS which has advanced features compared to Windows 8. You may ask yourself, I am only a beginner developer or a student and I don’t have money to purchase Windows software; don’t worry, once you sign up for Dreamspark or BizSpark you get free access to some good Microsoft products including Windows 8.1 which some of its features will be reviewed below. The return of the start button Its refered to as the the ultimate best feature for Windows 8 Series. Its omission in Windows 8 was really criticised by many. It acts as a switch between the desktop and Start Screen. For many it acts as a familiar reminder of how to navigate Windows. start button Ability to boot straight to desktop If you dislike the Windows Start page , you can set up to boot directly to the desktop. To do this, Right – click on the desktop taskbar, choose Properties and then open up the Navigation tab – tick the top option under the Start screen heading to boot to the desktop. desktop Customise the Start Screen You can set up your common apps straight to your start screen for easier access and switch between three app tile sizes. One of the neat new features of Windows 8.1 is setting up a slideshow of pictures on the lock screen. To do this go to Settings, choose Change PC settings – PC and devices – Lock screen. Switch the slideshow option to ‘On’ and choose the pictures that you would like to appear. Universal Search button It used to be specific and tailored in the previous Windows versions. It’s now universal and when you search for an item it also reaches out to Bing’s web engine to find results. Search is now more thorough gathering documents and data stored locally in system settings and the web. search Integration with Skydrive Skydrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based storage system. The sync engine is built in directly and Microsoft has made some smart improvements to the way files sync to the Operating system. It doesn’t however pull down the entire SkyDrive storage to a local PC, it just loads icons that is just enough information required to identify the file. Alarm on a laptop! This feature seemed funny to me when I first saw it, but it works. Windows 8.1 includes a new Alarms app that will wake you up in the morning. It will also remind you of your normal tasks by setting up a countdown or running a stopwatch. Note that alarms will only ring when your PC is awake. alarm Internet Explorer 11 It looks better, works faster, has good developer tools and supports WebGL. It has proved to have better performance than other renowned browsers. Actually, its the first time many people have used the Windows default browser and liked the experience. Split-Screen Mode This is undoubtedly one of the greatest feature on Windows 8.1 which allows one to carve up the modern UI into two to four windows, each with its own application. They do not float, but instead remain snapped to one side of the screen or to the middle with a border you can adjust by sliding to the left or right. splitscreen    

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The Nokia X is Here!

Mobile Testing

January 14, 2014

The long awaited launch of the Nokia X went down yesterday at the Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi. The Nokia X launch in Kenya comes second globally following the first official launch of the new Nokia X series of devices in India last week.


The new range of Nokia X smartphones, featuring the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL run a customized Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) rom modified to offer Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Skype and Outlook. Some of the new/outstanding features in these devices include:

The Fastlane Fastlane is designed to offer fast, smooth access to the user’s favourite apps. It also displays recent apps, photos, Facebook posts and more on a single screen. You get to the fast lane by swiping to the right/left from the home screen. Customizable Home screen My experience with the Nokia X felt much like a mash-up of the Lumia and the Asha. With the Nokia X, the user can resize and rearrange apps with resizable tiles, group apps into folders, and get Android widgets for the things they need the most. HERE Maps With the Nokia X, the user gets free offline maps with HERE Maps, and enjoys free worldwide turn-by-turn navigation with HERE Drive. Nokia Mix Radio This features is for the music lovers. It allows the user to listen to new songs and mixes based on their favourite artists. Free Calls on Skype This is another interesting additional feature that comes bundled up with these new devices. With every purchase, the user will get one month of free Skype calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide. Nokia’s own app store Nokia ditched Google’s Play Store and introduced its own version of the store stocking purely android apps. Local apps such as the Ma3route app, Daily Nation app, Nairobi News app, Mledger Mpesa app, among many more are already available for download.


Some of the key features of the Nokia X include: (Slight variations with the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL)


  • 4 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • 16M colors
  • ~233 ppi pixel density


  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4 GB Internal Storage
  • microSD expandable up to 32 GB

Primary Camera:

  • 3.15 MP
  • Camera resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels

Power management:

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4
  • Maximum standby time: 28 days (17 days with dual SIM)
  • Maximum talk time (2G): 13.3 h (10.5 h on 3G)
  • Maximum music playback time: 26 h

  The Nokia X is expected to start retailing in Kenya next week at an entry price of Ksh 12,499 whereas the Nokia XL will be available tentatively from next month.  

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Submit your app for the Microsoft Apps Porting Campaign

Mobile Testing

January 14, 2014

m:lab East Africa is giving you an opportunity to win one of 6 brand new Windows devices courtesy of Microsoft, for porting your Android apps to Windows. This is all part of a campaign to sensitize developers to develop for and take advantage of the benefits of the Windows platform. If you missed it, you may get more information and register for the campaign here. If you are already part of the campaign and you wish to submit your app, kindly proceed to the form below. For any queries, please contact [email protected]

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Statistics on Mobile Apps Testing – Q2 2014

Mobile Testing

January 11, 2014

The m:lab East Africa testing facility aims to provide a thorough mobile apps testing experience to mobile apps developers, hence promoting the development of high quality apps. This will ensure that apps not only meet specific requirements for which they are intended, but are also usable and consumable for their targeted user. Over the last quarter, Microsoft announced its acquisition of Nokia and not long after, made an announcement of their plans to end all production and support for the Symbian platform. Consequently, there has been a drastic decline in testing activity on the J2ME devices from the month of May. Have a look at the statistics below: First, here are the key points that stand out from 2nd Quarter 2014 stats:

[list type=”bubble”] [li]Number of devices available for testing: 139

[/li] [li]Most demanded device: Samsung Galaxy S4

[/li] [li]Cumulative number of in-facility testing testing hours – 148

[/li] [li]Cumulative Number of overnight lending days for devices – 272

[/li] [/list]

Here is an infographic of the statistics collected from the testing facility over the first quarter 2014:

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Mobile app testing at m:lab picks ups in 2013

Mobile Testing

January 30, 2013

m:lab East Africa’s testing facility is one of a kind in Africa. As of December 2013 the facility hosted over one hundred and thirty mobile devices on these platforms : Bada, Android, iOS, Blackberry,Symbian, Windows and Windows Phone 8.

Free access to mobile devices for testing has benefited individual application developers since the announcement of free testing. This was occasioned by the signing of a year long partnership agreement between Qualcomm and m:lab East Africa.

We have compiled for our readers monthly statistics for 2013 on key aspects of application testing at our facilities as follows :-

  1. Number of in-facility testing

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    testing hours

  2. Number of days of overnight lending for devices

  3. A list of most demanded devices

  4. Frequency of testing instances for each mobile applications platform

At the close of 2013 , we can summarize the cumulative statistics as :-

[table] [tbody] [tr][td]Number of in-facility testing hours [/td][th]1680[/th][/tr] [tr][td]Number of days of overnight lending for devices[/td][th]746[/th][/tr] [tr][td]Number of devices in the testing room[/td][th]136[/th][/tr] [tbody] [/table]

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