Mobile Testing


Why you should test your mobile app at the mlab testing facility

Mobile Testing

January 30, 2015

According to Gartner, more than 2.4 billion tablets and mobile phones were shipped by the end of 2014. The Apple App store and Google Play store each offer more than one million apps for users to download to their devices. All these applications are competing for users’ attention. Meeting a high quality bar is essential for the success of an app. Testing of mobile application has become very important and a point of concern for the app developers. Poor-quality applications not only hamper user adoption but also can cause revenue loss and irreparable brand damage. Forbes contributor Tom Taulli noted that in today’s landscape, it’s not just about having a “cool” application; users are more likely to abandon a program if it has functionality problems, no matter how promising it seems. Even the simplest apps can be lucrative for an organization if they work correctly. Without proper testing, users are likely to come across many unexpected bugs and errors which developers simply didn’t think of. The danger here is that they’ll quickly lose patience with your app, and the vast majority will simply stop using it without ever letting you know why. If the mobile testing is done in a proper manner, the number of bugs can be significantly reduced and it saves your app the reputation on the market, and makes it possible to succeed and reach your business goal m:Lab East Africa has a one of its kind testing facility in East Africa. The testing facility is open to everyone who wants to test their mobile application both individuals and corporates. The platform range and number of  devices in the facility is remarkably unique. With over one hundred and fourty mobile devices, the facility which is on Bishop Magua Center caters for the mobile testing needs of the developer ecosystem. Several questions have been asked about the testing facility.These are some of the frequently asked questions about the m:lab’s testing facility: Why is testing important? Testing your app before rolling it into the market is very important because mobile devices have a wide range of screen resolutions, specs and platforms, this affects how a program runs on each device. Testing enables developers to analyse usability and functionality of the application across these various platforms. Why test at m:lab East Africa? As at October 2015, m:lab East Africa testing facility has a total device count of more than 140 devices, (and growing) specifically dedicated for mobile applications testing. How do I access testing at the testing facility? To access testing services at the facility, send an email to [email protected], requesting for a specified time slot. Once the request is approved, the developer will have access to the testing services. What platforms are available in the testing facility? The facility is a host to Android, J2ME, BlackBerry, Windows, Bada and iOS mobile platforms. What devices are contained in the testing facility? Download a complete list of all the devices present in the facility List-of-Devices-in-the-Testing-Facility How much will I pay to test at the m:Lab East Africa’s testing facility? For the last one and a half years the facility has been accessed for free during our partnership with Qualcomm.We have learned a lot and we have considered many factors on how to improve our testing services and achieve sustainability. It is based on those considerations that we are revising the rates for the testing room. The revised rates for the testing facility can be found HERE. Can I borrow devices out of the testing facility? If yes, how do I do it? Borrowing of devices out of the testing facility for field testing or overnight testing is only limited to the incubatees of m:lab East Africa. This is largely due to the demand for the devices against their limited number.

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Mobile Testing room statistics Q1 | 2015

Mobile Testing

January 13, 2015

m:lab East Africa Testing room has been offering testing services to developers, consistently opening its doors to mobile and web application developers who visit to test their applications. The facility is well stocked with a wide range of devices bearing different hardware configurations and operating systems. The facility aims to efficiently serve the techies who access the space to develop quality tested applications with fair rates. The space is not only limited to developers but even corporates and companies who wish to test their applications before releasing to the market. The available platforms are; Bada, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows phone. Testing data is recorded to monitor the facility’s usage and to give statistical feedback to the community. These statistics can be used to evaluate popular target markets based on platform that most developers test on, availability of developers based on the number of developers who develop for a certain platform among other statistical inferences that can be extrapolated from the data. For the first quarter of 2015 the key points that stand out are:

  • Number of devices available for testing: 141
  • Cumulative number of in-facility testing testing hours – 2207 ( 37hrs in Q1 – 2015 )
  • Cumulative Number of overnight lending days for devices – 1544 ( 155 total overnight days in Q1 – 2015 )


  MLAB TESTING ROOM USAGE STATISTICS Q1 2015 | Create infographics

Compiled by: Marvin Collins and Martin Agaya

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Mobile Testing Statistics 2014

Mobile Testing

January 9, 2015

m:lab East Africa’s testing facility as of December 2014  hosted over one hundred and forty mobile devices on these platforms : Bada, Android, iOS, Blackberry,Symbian, Windows and Windows Phone 8. It continues to provide a wide range of devices for developers to test their applications on. Over the last year, the most notable characteristic has been the drastic increase in testing activity on the Smartphone platforms… Here are the key points that stand out from 2014 stats:

  • Number of devices available for testing: 141
  • Cumulative number of in-facility testing testing hours – 2170 ( 451hrs in 2014 )
  • Cumulative Number of overnight lending days for devices – 1398 ( 755 total overnight days in 2014 )
  • Number of Unique developers in 2014 (Approx: 160 devs)

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Revised rates for our mobile testing facility

Mobile Testing

January 4, 2015

3 years ago, we launched our mobile application testing services to the developer community in Nairobi. For the last one and a half years the facility has been accessed for free during our partnership with Qualcomm. Over 2170 hours of application testing time has been spent in the facility by developers so far. Developers within have also checked devices out of the facility for a cumulative approximate of 1400 days. We have learned a lot and we have considered many factors on how to improve our testing services and achieve sustainability. It is based on those considerations that we are revising the rates for time at the testing room as follows :- Rate Plan A – mLab Community Free access to devices in the testing room for the first hour then for any additional time, a rate of Ksh 200 per person per hour. This plan is only applicable to members of the m:lab community which includes; past trainees, past incubated startups, iHub Red & Green Members, students of University of Nairobi School of Computing and Informatics, students of eMobilis Academy. For the rest of the app developers in the greater mobile ecosystem, the charge is a flat rate of Ksh 200 per hour. m:lab East Africa current incubation clients continue accessing devices in the testing facility as part of their client package. Rate Plan B – Corporates A rate of Ksh 500 per hour per person. This applies to developers from corporate companies who wish to use the testing facility.

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Port Your Android Apps to Windows and Win a Phone

Mobile Testing

January 26, 2014

m:lab East Africa is giving you an opportunity to win one of 6 brand new Windows devices courtesy of Microsoft, for porting your Android apps to Windows. This is all part of a campaign to sensitize developers to develop for and take advantage of the benefits of the Windows platform. mlab_logo_simple The campaign will kick off on the 14th October 2014, where m:lab will hold a Microsoft Apps Porting Campaign Prelude- an event where developers and interested participants will get to learn how and why they should port their Android Apps to the Windows platform. Participants will not only get basic training on the platform, but also valuable support and more at the event.Microsoft-new-logo   Here is a breakdown of the campaign’s timelines (All dates for the year 2014):

[list type=”bubble”] [li]From 14th October to 9th November, participants are expected to develop their Window apps.

[/li] [li]From 10th November to 16th November, the apps are published to the Windows store.

[/li] [li]From 17th November to 23rd November, the apps go through the store’s QA process.

[/li] [li]From 24th November to 28th November, the apps are sampled, the best ones determined and announced.

[/li] [/list]

Reward Structure: Judges from Microsoft will identify the best 5 newly submitted apps to be awarded with a Windows device each. In order to be considered for a prize, participants will need to have published at least two apps to the store. The best tweep for the hashtag #WPAppsKE and having newly submitted at least one app in the store, will also be awarded with a Windows device. Newly submitted apps refer to apps published for the first time- not previously existing before the campaign. Following the launch of the campaign, interested participants may become part of it by:

  1. Registering to be participate through filling the form below.
  2. Porting their Android apps to Windows and submitting information about their apps HERE.
  3. Participating on social media with the hashtag #WPAppsKE

If you already ported your Android apps to Windows, remember to let us know HERE.

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