m:lab Recognized Among the Best Performing Incubator in Africa


January 20, 2015

On 19th November, the m:lab East Africa was recognized among the top three best performing University Business Incubator in Africa by the UBI Global. UBI Global is thought leader in performance analysis of business incubation around the world. They help business incubators and business accelerators become more efficient and competitive through a comprehensive benchmark where more than 400 incubation programs in over 70 countries participate. The UBI Global hosted an online award ceremony for the 2015 High Impact Incubation Programs in Africa. A High Impact Incubation Program is a successful business incubator or accelerator that is managed, affiliated or associated with a university, that has high impact on its ecosystem and provides higher value to their startup clients than their regional or global peers. They stand out from average-performing incubation programs with better outcomes on economy enhancement, access to funds and post incubation performance indicators. It was during the UBI online award ceremony which was held at UBI Global’s headquarters in Stockholm and streamed live via that the m:lab East Africa together with two other incubators from Africa (Technology Incubation Centre from Nigeria and Timbali Technology Incubator from South Africa) were recognized as the best performing University Business Incubators in Africa. m:lab East Africa is the youngest of the two incubators having being started in 2011, while Technology Incubation Center from Nigeria was started in 2007 and Timbali Technology Incubator from South Africa started in 2004. According to the UBI Global CEO, Ali Amin“Our African business incubation landscape is made up of 19 incubators, making Africa the fifth largest region UBI Global benchmarks in terms of sample size. Africa’s business incubators attracted a total of $15,4M, meaning each of the 19 incubators has received an average of $814K each. With regard to deal flow Africa’s incubators as a whole receive 1169 applications per year, equating to an average of 87 applications per incubator.In the last 5 years Africa’s business incubators have created 3150 jobs and over the same time period attracted $15.4M in investment” The m:lab together with TIC and Timbali Technology Incubator  will be shortlisted for the UBI Global’s World Rankings in London, United Kingdom on November 25, 2015. A big thank you to the UBI Global for the recognition and congratulations to Technology Incubation Center and Timbali Technology Incubator

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An e-voucher platform that enables you to send benefits rather than money


January 16, 2015

There have been cases of donor and humanitarian funds sent to the country to provide aid to a group of people/beneficiaries not reaching the intended people. The funds end up being squandered and misused by other people especially officials who handle the funds. Paykind is solving this problem by providing an online platform that allows individuals and organizations to pay for the goods and services using e-vouchers, via mobile phone and smart card technology. With Paykind you can literally send food, healthcare or educational aid instantly via an e-voucher directly  to the beneficiary. The recipient beneficiary gets the voucher by SMS  and is able to redeem the voucher  for only that particular good or service. Charity  and aid organizations in Africa are able to mass distribute SMS e-vouchers via Paykind. Vendors need only a smartphone with a Paykind app on it to accept the vouchers. The platform allows every single voucher distributed to be track-able and provide the valuable statistics and analytics in real-time to the donor. Paykind is not only a cheaper, faster and more efficient way of distributing aid, but it also guarantees delivery of aid vouchers to the correct beneficiaries. With Paykind it is easier to reach individuals in remote areas and can also specifically send vouchers to targeted users using their registered phone number as an ID mechanism. All the vouchers are stamped with a unique ID and are registered upon redemption. This helps to gather strong metrics on the redemption rate of vouchers by region, gender, type etc. So how does it work? Once you visit the site, you can sign in as an organization or a vendor. If you are a humanitarian group, you can then create a voucher to send to a selected beneficiary while specifying a point of redemption. Once you choose the number of beneficiaries to send the voucher to, the amount is credited from your account. Recipient receive the voucher as an SMS alert or on their NFC smart card. They go to the selected registered vendors and redeem the voucher to  get the aid specified by the voucher. The vendor logs onto the platform and keys in the voucher code. Once validated, the vendor then gives the beneficiary the aid specified. Later on, the vendor can choose to claim the voucher, and a request is sent to Chase bank to pay the vendor the amount of the claim. The startup has partnered with Chase Bank, one of the leading banks in the provision of financial solutions to the SME market segment as their banking partner. Paykind is targeting both individuals and organisations keen on tracking payments for particular goods and services for their beneficiaries. Paykind aims to focus on healthcare, education, nutrition and agriculture. The startup has worked with more than 3 organisations already and numerous inquiries and initial conversations with many more. For more information on Paykind, visit their website . You can follow them on twitter @paykind and also visit and like  their facebook pages  

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Kidogo: Transforming Early Childhood Development In Kenya


January 16, 2015

“57% of young children in developing countries have no access to preschool, 83% in Sub-Saharan Africa and 78% in the Arab region”, this is according to the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development. Children living in the poorest households are up to 10 times less likely to attend early childhood education programmes than those living in the richest households. UNICEF estimates that 200 million children, globally, fail to reach their full potential due to lack of sufficient care during the early years, with only 12% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa accessing formal early childhood programs. As we all know, learning begins at birth. The early years, defined as from zero to age six, are the foundation for lifelong learning. Early Childhood Development initiatives provide the essential base for the achievement of all Education for all goals and contribute powerfully to reducing poverty. In January, 2014, Afzal left his well paying job at the Boston Consulting Group where he was advising Fortune 500 executives on major strategy & growth projects and together with Sabrina  who was working with the Aga Khan Development Network in East Africa, managing an Integrated Primary Health Care Project and the Social Innovations portfolio of a $13.5 million maternal and child health grant, and started a social enterprise called Kidogo (a swahili word meaning small). During her time with the Aga Khan Development Network, Sabrina encountered the problem of babycare centers in Nairobi’s informal settlements. Dissatisfied with the traditional approaches to development, they decided to start Kidogo, a social enterprise to transform the way early childhood care and education is approached in East Africa. Kidogo provides high-quality, affordable early childhood care and education to support the healthy growth and development of young children living in Africa’s urban slums, through play and creative activities. They also improves the health and wellbeing of the children, through access to adequate nutrition and health services. Kidogo helps all children reach their full potential no matter where they are born. The startup has established two community “hub” centers in the informal settlements that offer safe, clean and stimulating physical environment for the children, trained early childhood development (ECD) caregivers from the local community, a health and nutrition program, as well as an exploratory play-based curriculum using learning stations and child-centered strategies. The startup have around 8 trained caregivers who take care of the children at the two hubs. The caregivers at the centres offer one-on-one attention to the children given that different children have different needs, there are some that need special attention from the caregivers. The  two hubs which are situated in Kibera and Kangemi support 115 children collectively. The children are between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. They charge the mothers a small fee which helps sustain the hubs. One of the centre at Kagemi has been able to break even and is fully self-sustainable. In addition to charging the mothers a small fee for the services, the startup is exploring at other ways for generating revenue for the community hubs. In addition to establishing community hubs, Kidogo is supporting and empowering local women from the community to start or grow their own babycare centre through their micro-franchising program. The program which is at its pilot stage is an innovative “business-in-a-box” model which delivers training, resources (e.g curriculum materials, branding support, etc) and an ongoing support to the mama-preneurs who are running their own centres. Currently Kidogo is in the process of developing its own early childhood curriculum and teacher training program that combines global best practices with traditional local childcare practices. They are hoping to finish the curriculum in December and test it in January 2016. Once they have tested the curriculum, the program will have a potential to be patented and licensed to other early childhood providers. Kidogo has participated in numerous programs and challenges including, Grand Challenge Canada, Spring, amplify challenge, Seed gender equality award and echoing green where both Afzal and Sabrina are echoing green fellows. The startup has cumulatively raised over USD 430,000 from the programs. They are looking to raise more in the next year. In the next years, Kidogo is hoping to open another centre in Kawangware, launch their curriculum and solidify all their processes so that they are able to rapidly scale up in 2017. For more information visit their website, you can follow them on twitter @Kidogo_ECD and like them on facebook

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Meet Paykind: a platform that enables you to pay for the needs of others directly!


January 1, 2015

Rodgers Muhadi and Sam Masinde have been friends for close to 10 years now. They met in Nakuru where they lived in the same neighbourhood. “Even back then we used to work on some pet projects together!”  says Sam. As fate would have it, they found themselves in the same university, Egerton University in Njoro where Rodgers was a few classes ahead of Sam. Rodgers pursued a degree in electronics  while Sam pursued one in computer science After completing university, Rodgers worked first as an engineering consultant and was also a retail outlet owner.  He later worked for a payments company before joining   a leading  enterprise  software solutions company in Kenya. From his engineering background and work experience, he was fascinated by micro-chip technonogy especially as used in smartcards and wanted to build a product around it.  In  late 2012 when Sam completed university, they came together and started working on their first product which was a school Smart Card for school fees, attendance among others,  which  used  “chip-to-cloud” technology by basically  integrating a Near Field Communication (NFC), smartcard to a web-based solution which led to the birth their company Cardplanet Solutions Ltd. Later in 2013, they realized the potential of electronic money transfers tied specifically to allocated expenses. They extended their solution from just a student  payment card to becoming  an online platform electronic medical and nutritional vouchers platform, using mobile phone technology. This product branded as  Paykind, is now their main product. Using Paykind, one can instantly mass distribute digital vouchers to people via SMS on both feature and smartphones. These vouchers can be redeemed by the receiver at any of the certified vendors.  The Paykind platform can be used for highly specific uses, including remittances or aid grants earmarked specifically for education, healthcare expenses, or food.  Paykind provides valuable tracking and analytics in real-time to monitor voucher redemption, product choices, frequently visited stores and identity of the user. Donors and aid organizations across Africa work hard to guarantee funds are allocated for specific services or resources. While international donations into food, health and education seem large on scale ($42Bn to Africa yearly), the direct impact of these donations are diluted by high overhead costs, distribution hurdles, information inefficiencies, and corruption. What if donors were able to know that 100% of that money made it to the intended beneficiaries? Currently the startup is made up of a team of four , Rodgers who is the CEO and Sam who is the CTO, both of them are co-founders .Brian who joined the team in 2014 is their lead developer and was also at Egerton University, where he shared the same class with Sam. It is interesting that both Sam and Brian  were among the best in their class. Chris joined them recently to aid their growth as the  head of sales. In late 2012, Cardplanet Solutions was accepted into Nailab incubation. In 2013 they  joined Savannah Fund accelerator where they got mentorship and funding of $25,000 to launch a number of products. Currently they are incubated at the m:lab business incubation program. The incubation space offers a quiet and dedicated space conducive for team building and “heads down” focus. Incubation at m:lab East Africa also improves access to resources including investors, mentors, potential partners, mobile trainings and an avid mobile community Late last year, the startup was accepted into Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups. Cardplanet was the second African startup to be accepted at 500 Startups and the first Kenyan startup to make it to Silicon Valley accelerator. They were able to raise funding of $100,000 at 500 Startups. The startup has raised a total of $125,000 and is looking to raise another $250,000 to help with their growth plan for the next two years. For more information on Cardplanet Solutions and Paykind, visit their website and . You can follow them on twitter @CardplanetS and @paykind. You can also visit and like  their facebook pages and  

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The m:lab Awarded Impact Economy Innovations Grant


January 16, 2014

Mlab East Africa (m:lab) is among the seven organizations that won the Rockefeller Foundation and the Tony Elumelu Foundation‘s Africa Impact Economy Innovations Fund (IEIF).As a fund administered by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the IEIF provides capital for entrepreneurs with projects that create jobs in underserved sectors.

IEIF grant administered by the GIIN

The IEIF also supports proposals geared toward enabling capital solutions, fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems and promoting impact investing industry infrastructure.Other six organizations awarded the grant alongside the m:lab are Investisseurs & Partenaires (Senegal) Renew LLC (Ethiopia), the Policy and Economic Research Council (Tanzania) Doreo Partners (Nigeria), GIMPA Centre for Impact Investing (Ghana) and SliceBiz (Ghana).

IEIF Grantees

IEIF Grantees

New Program for Social Ventures

Social enterprises apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, besides maximising profits for external shareholders. Likewise, impact enterprises are those that intentionally seek to grow in sustaining financial viability, realizing increasing social impact, and influencing the broader system in which they operate. The m:lab defines mobile impact entreprise as social or impact entreprises using mobile technology to amplify their impact.

With the grant, the m:lab will host a new program in 2014 that will identify, nurture and support mobile focused social and impact enterprise teams. The IEIF grant will assist to augment the m:lab’s portfolio of services with improved interventions for social ventures thereby increasing the potential for success among start-ups in the program.

m:lab East Africa

Startup teams committed to solving social and economic problems of people at the base of the pyramid are invited to apply for the new program. The program is aimed at helping to build and scale mobile impact entreprises. To begin with, the focus impact areas under

the program will be agriculture, health and water, and education.

Startup teams of two or three individuals are eligible. One of the team members must be a Tech Co-founder with an orientation to mobile software development. A second team member with working experience in education, agriculture, health or water will be an added advantage. An entrepreneurial instinct or experience running a business venture among the founders will also be an added advantage Interested social ventures are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the design thinking process used at Stanford Design School – eg.

The first cohort of the program will be admitted in march 2014. A call for applications and more information about the first cohort may be found here.  

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