Get funded upto 70,000 euros for your windows phone app


January 21, 2013

Windows phone application developers stand a chance of winning 20,000 – 70,000 Euros in grant funding for their apps in AppCampus program. The grant will depend on the complexity of the application.

AppCampus mlab_logo

AppCampus is an accelerator program for mobile application developers managed by Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. It is an 18 million euro joint investment between Nokia and Microsoft to foster mobile application development on Windows Phone and other Nokia platforms.

The program is aimed at catalyzing windows phones ecosystem and support innovative entrepreneurs. AppCampus program has been set up to foster the creation of innovative mobile applications for the Windows Phone ecosystem, and in addition, Nokia platforms, including Symbian and Series 40, to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups.

Developers don’t need to have an app developed to apply for the program, you can submit an idea and develop it during the course of the program.The app has to follow the windows phone modern UI style and make use of at least one or more windows phone key features.


Nokia, Microsoft and m:lab will coach and channel innovative entrepreneurs from the tech community to the AppCampus program. Developers who sign up for AppCampus through m:lab, Nokia or Microsoft will have a fast track opportunity to AppCampus program.

The most promising and talented teams from the AppCampus program will be invited to AppCademy,a 4 week intensive accelerator camp held at Espoo, Finland. The camp offers extensive coaching and training in branding and positioning, design and UX excellence, development, monetization, marketing, communications and much more. The teams will also be coached to pitch their ideas to future partners and investors. They will be given lot of networking possibilities where they can build their contacts and demo their ideas to actual audience.


Apply here!

Interested participants may make use any of the the following channels;

  • In preparations for

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    the AppCampus program, we will have preliminary sessions on windows phone 8 platform from 8th – 31st October at the m:lab training facility. Participant who go through the training stand a chance to be selected for AppCampus fast track program. To apply for the Windows Phone 8 training, fill in the form here The deadline for submission of applications is on 9th September 2013.

  • Interested individuals with a background in windows phone who don’t wish to go through the training may still apply for AppCampus through m:lab and stand to benefit from the fast track opportunity. For more information on this, kindly get in touch with Paul by email at Paul(at)

  • Individuals who wish to apply to AppCampus without support from m:lab can also apply directly here.

For more information on AppCampus Program visit their website here.

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BarCamp Nairobi 2013 is here!


January 20, 2013

BarcampBarCamp is an international network of user-generated unconferences primarily focused around technology and the Web. By definition, an unconference is a participant-driven meeting that tries to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as high fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization.

BarCamps are open, participatory workshop-events, of which the content is provided by participants. The first BarCamps focused on early-stage web applications, and were related to open source technologies, social software, and open data formats.

BarCamp Nairobi 2013 will be held on the 24th of August 2013 between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm collectively at the iHub, NaiLab and m:lab located at the Bishop Magua Centre off Ngong Road, Opposite Uchumi Hyper. The theme for BarCamp Nairobi 2013 is ‘The Next 50’. We aim to get the conversation going on where tech in Kenya will be in the next 50 years.

As Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence this year, we have the unique and enviable opportunity to dream and contemplate what the next 50 years should look like and what role technology will play. As thinkers, technologists in various sectors, and citizens of Kenya we can begin the process of visualizing the future and shaping it.

Challenges such as access to healthcare, quality and equitable education, food security have their answers in technology and the possibilities are endless. There will come a time in the next 50 years when these issues will be non-issues so to speak. What will that future look like? What technologies will be pervasive? How will people interact and how will lives be affected and improved?

BarCamp Nairobi 2013 is free to attend provided you register in good time either via our web site at or on EventBrite at

This article is written by Moses Kemibaro

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Waabeh makes it to the finals of VentureOut Internalization Challenge


January 18, 2013

Discovering African audio content buying has been a problem for a while now. International solutions do not address the local market and even those that have the content don’t have payment solutions that make it easy for local purchases. There is almost no discovery, distribution, monetization, collation and marketing of African content to the scale achieved with external media


Waabeh, Africa’s audio market place (music & online-radio) solves the problem of discovery and distribution of audio content from the continent. Currently Waabeh is available on the Web, and as native apps for Android and Windows 8, all with delightful and easy to use design that takes the headache out of discovering new as well as vintage African sounds and puts the focus back on what is important; hearing what you love.

Since inception to date, Waabeh has over 8,000 downloads, with 1,500 plus registered users, over 227,000 users plays/strems music on their website and over 1000 downloads on google play and Samsung App store.  75% of the content is premium.


The team, from left; Jeff maina Lead Designer, Tim Rimbui COE and King’ori Maina CTO

Recently Waabeh applied for an international challenge called VentureOut Internalization Challenge which is an initiative of infoDev  and CRDF Global to propel expansion-ready mobile entrepreneurs into enticing international markets. The program helps entrepreneurs through hands-on training, virtual learning opportunities, mentorship, international exposure, and seed funding.

Waabeh is the only startup from East Africa that made it to the finals of the challenge. They will be competing against 12 other startups from all over the world for $10,000 in seed funding in the Dragon’s Den in Chisinau, Moldova during an international mobile meeting on 30th – 1st November. For more information on ventureOut Challenge, visit their website

For more information on Waabeh, visit their website, you can also check out their android app here and Android app demo here.

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Submissions Open for Uganda's 3rd Annual Communications Innovation Awards


January 18, 2013

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), a body that regulates the communications and broadcasting sector in Uganda will be holding the 3rd Annual Communications Innovation Awards. The Annual Communications Innovation Award was established in 2010 to recognise stakeholders within the industry, who have over a defined period of time, delivered innovative communication services to the Ugandan market. The Awards are aimed at promoting greater local involvement in developing innovative products, services, content, and approaches that exploit or enhance communication platforms for development and in recognition of the fact that the communications industry is a key player in the growth of other sectors of the Ugandan economy at large. On 23rd January 2013, Uganda Communications Commission launched the 3rd Annual Communications Innovation Awards.The Annual Communications Innovation Awards themed “ICT Innovation for National Development” will take place on 7th June 2013. Submissions are open to any: individual, school, institution or organization. The deadline for submissions of entries is on 30th April 2013. The awards categories are as follows; 599609_247499298703099_168930927_n 1. Young ICT Innovators Award

  • Uganda’s rising stars – this award shall recognize extraordinary applications of ICT by Secondary school students towards the reduction of the digital divide in Uganda. This may be with regard to ICT access, affordability, availability and/or it’s applicability.
  • Uganda’s ICT Visionaries – this award shall recognize an ICT based innovation developed by students in tertiary or a vocational institution thats seeks to make the city or town of their choice smarter.

2. Business Excellence Award

  • This award shall recognize outstanding use of ICT by an organization, whose core business is not ICT, to improve the organization’s performance, efficiency, effectiveness or both.

3. ICT for Development Award

  • This award shall recognize the extraordinary use of ICTs to improve the livelihood of communities by facilitating Uganda’s achievement of any of the millennium development goals.

4. Service Excellence Award

  • Enabling communication for all – this
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    award shall recognize outstanding innovative approaches licensed telecom providers to eliminate barriers to ICT inclusion in Uganda.

  • Content for all – this award shall recognize the most creative programming that ensures accessibility and applicability of information to the diverse local audiences.
  • Modernising post and courier – this award shall recognise the best use of systems and technology by the postal or courier operators to enhance operational efficiency towards a better quality of service.

5) Digital Content Award

  • This award shall recognize the outstanding compilation of text, images including video, or sound into an application or product that enhances the value and use of communication networks and services within local communities in Uganda.

For more information and the link to nominate your candidate go to or contact [email protected].

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UpStart Africa Nairobi auditions are here!


January 17, 2013

Over the last two weeks UpStart Africa has toured Kisumu and Mombasa looking for creatives, developers and marketers to join the inaugural Kenyan tech based business reality TV show that premiers mid November. Most people think that all talent in the country is based in Nairobi, the auditions have told a different story. The turnout has been

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great and the contestants have been nothing but impressive.

Upstart Africa’s vision is to use television to inspire thousands of young people across Africa to take up technology and entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to job seeking. Participants on the show will form teams each made up of three individuals with different skill sets that complement each other.


Upstart Africa Kisumu Auditions at Tom Mboya Labour College Kisumu

The teams will then work on ideas that use tech to solve real world problems. Mentors will guide the teams along each step. A panel of VCs will act as the elimination panel. The winning team wins $50,000 investment.

On Saturday (19th) and Sunday (20th) of October 2013 the Nairobi auditions will take place at the

Kenya National Theatre. Interested individuals can sign up for the auditions by going to

If you have any queries feel free to contact the Upstart team through;

Twitter handle @upstartafricatv or

Facebook page (

This article is written by the Upstart team

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Rodgers said.
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