25 Finalists of Pitch AgriHack 2016 Announced

Agriculture, Finalist, Training

October 31, 2016

For the past 10 days, 10 judges went through 52 semi-finalist applications to determine which startups would be named finalists of Pitch AgriHack, a youth e-agriculture startup support program of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). The judges composed of industry experts (ICT and Agriculture), entrepreneurs and investors.

The assessment criteria used were as follows: Proposed solution, Agricultural problem(s) addressed, Unique value proposition, Team composition and added value, Market addressed, Current market traction, Cost Structure, Channels/Paths to customers, Revenues stream, Planned milestones and Key performance Indicators.

The finalists selected are (alphabetic order):

a) Advanced platform category

  1. Afrosoft IT Solution, Uganda
  2. Aywajieune, Senegal
  3. Jangolo Farm, Cameroun
  4. ICT4DEV, Côte d’Ivoire
  5. Sooreul, Senegal

b) Early stage platform category

  1. AgriLead Social Business, Burkina Faso
  2. Agronomy plus, Kenya
  3. Agroplexi, Nigeria
  4. AgroCenta, Ghana
  5. Badili Innovations, Kenya
  6. Brastorne enterprises, Botswana
  7. CowTribe Africa, Ghana
  8. Daral Technologies, Senegal
  9. Ekas Business Services Limited, Zambia
  10. FarmAfriQué, Nigeria
  11. Farmers Pride, Kenya
  12. FarmIT, Kenya
  13. Ghalani Limited, Ghana
  14. Kuza, Kenya
  15. MOBFiT Ltd, Uganda
  16. Modeling Agri Systems (e-MAS), Bénin
  17. NaFarm Foods, Nigeria
  18. Sugar Town Wish List, St. Kitts and Nevis
  19. Ujuzikilimo, Kenya
  20. Woculus & Afrimash Investments Limited, Nigeria

The finalists will be invited to the training and pitching sessions in Nairobi, Kenya from 22 – 24 November, 2016 and will have the opportunity to pitch their solutions to development partners and potential investors. CTA and the African Development Bank (AfDB) will cover their attendance.

Ultimately, 4 best startups will be selected as winners. Winning teams will receive a cash prize of up to €15,000, as well as promotional support, additional capacity building and networking opportunities. They may also benefit from investments from supporters of Pitch AgriHack and private investors.

Pitch AgriHack aims at accelerating e-agriculture entrepreneurship for improved livelihoods and food security. It targets startups founded by young entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35 years, from Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

The programme is looking for impact investors and additional development partners interested in supporting and investing in innovations by young entrepreneurs.

From the 152 applications received (from 29 ACP countries), 52 semi-finalists from 16 countries were shortlisted. So far more than 20 judges have gone through the applications (two screening processes) to determine the 25 finalists.

CTA would like to thank all the judges and institutional partners (ProHaus Group, DevLab, mLab East Africa, Wennovation Hub, Bongo Hive, Outbox Hub, Woelab, Agritools, CTIC Dakar) who have contributed so far to the assessment process of startups.

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Can mAgric Solutions Improve Productivity of the Agricultural Workforce – Wireless Wednesday


January 6, 2014

The agricultural industry is seeing benefits from the growing incorporation of technology into farming. More and more farmers are using mobile technology to improve productivity. Mobile technology is already demonstrating its potential to provide farmers with the services and information they need to grow both their production and standard of living

Previous Wireless Wednesday meetup on Agriculture

Previous Wireless Wednesday meetup on Agriculture

m:lab East Africa will host one of its frequent meetup dubbed “Wireless Wednesday” on agriculture on 15th October 2014. The meetup is themed “Can mAgric Solutions Improve Productivity of the Agricultural Workforce”.The event will attract mobile application developers, farmers, government representatives, NGOs, exporters, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector. Wireless Wednesday meetups are in essence focus group discussions sessions between mobile developers and practitioners or experts in various industry domains. Details of the event Date: 15th October 2014 Venue: m:lab East Africa Balcony Time: 12.00 – 2.00 pm wireless-Wednesday-500x317 To participate

in the event, RSVP HERE. There will be a live twitter stream during the event, you can virtually join the discussion using the hashtag #WirelessWednesday. Several suggestions and feedbacks have been given to developers and mobile entrepreneurs targeting agricultural solutions in previous Wireless Wednesday meetups. A recap of these suggestions may be found in previous articles HERE

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