Best Secrets to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Photos

What is social media if no one pays any attention to what you post? It is the aim of every social media user to gain maximum likes and to have many people talking about what you have posted. Only then socializing happens. So, how then do you get more likes on a picture or a photo that you upload on your Instagram profile?

  1. Always post pictures that are of very high quality. Blurred or unclear images will get more dislikes or are likely to be ignored by people, as no one is ready to waste time in trying to see what is in a picture that is not clear.
  2. Another way to gain more likes is to upload pictures of substance. Although there are many who are in search of negativity and creepy stuff, only the good triumphs. Hence, post decent pictures or pictures that create a bold statement. Since “Actions Speak Louder than Words”, a good picture posted on social media has the power to impart a greater message better than an elaborate word post.
  3. Try to stick to a theme. Several people upload what they eat, their pets, their new cheap Louis Vuitton purses, or some other things that are totally unrelated from the other pictures that have already been uploaded. Although these pictures may earn likes, the key to getting maximum likes is to stick to a particular theme. For instance, if you love traveling, posting pictures of all the places that you have traveled and sharing info on each will get people to be more interested than your dog or noodle.
  4. Be a part of the Instagram community. Like other pictures, comment on another wall, or express your viewpoints on issues. All these will help you be noticed and in turn, will help you get more likes for what you upload on your profile.
  5. Most importantly, use hashtags. Hashtags have a way of bringing your picture to the public eye, which in turn creates a potential to earn maximum likes.