The conference program is designed to facilitate maximum interaction and networking between startup founders, investors and other industry players. 25 startups will have a chance to pitch their business ideas in front of a panel of judges. The pitching will be punctuated by short fireside chat panels discussing some of the hot issues in the East African startup scene. We will also have short presentations made by key speakers to highlight several topical issues in the East African startup and tech ecosystem. Find below the full agenda with timelines.


24th June

 Day 1

8.00am – 8.50am Tea/Coffee, Registration, Networking & Demopit Tour
8.50am – 9.00am Welcome Address – m:Lab East Africa Lead
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Pitching Session 1: Startups in Mobile Financemobilefinance
9.00am -9.15am Beyonic (Uganda)
9.15am – 9.30am ChamaSoft (Kenya)
9.30am – 9.45am Chura (Kenya)
9.45am – 10.00am Ensibuuko (Uganda)
10.00am -10.15am Valuraha (Kenya)
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10.15am -10.30am Short Presentation by Simon Njogu Kariithi, Head of Sales – East and Central Africa at Samsung Electronics East Africa
10.30am – 10.55am Fireside Chat 1: Size and quality of the deal pipeline for Tech investments in East Africa (Mbwana Ally, Andreata Muforo & Johnni Kjelsgaard)
10.50am – 11.15am Tea/ Coffee, Networking & Demopit Tour
11.15am -11.30am Short Presentation by Lillian Kiplangát, Head of Innovation, Chase Bank Kenya.
11.30am -11.45am Short Presentation: Valerie D’Costa – infoDev Program Manager
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Pitching Session 2: Startups in Mobile Utilitiesmobileutility
11.45am -12.00pm mafundi (Kenya)
12.00pm -12.15pm GARI SMS (Kenya)
12.15pm -12.30pm Sendy (Kenya)
12.30pm -12.45pm Mavazi (Kenya)
12.45pm -1.00pm MARAMOJA transport (Kenya)
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1.00pm -2.00pm LUNCH, Networking & Demo Pit Tour
2.00pm -2.10pm Short Presentation: Peter Rohr – Head of Mobile Devices Software Engineering, EMEA Developer Relations Division, Intel Software and Services Group
2.10pm – 2.35pm Fireside Chat 2 : Synergies between developer communities and corporates in mobile technology(Fredrick Omondi, James Kamweti, Veronica Ogeto & Simon Njogu Kariithi)
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Pitching Session 3: Startups in Mobile Society mobilesociety
2.35pm -2.50pm Zapmedic by Bitways Limited (Uganda)
2.55pm- 3.10pm SokoNect (Kenya)
3.10pm -3.25pm moquestion (Uganda)
3.25pm -3.40pm Totohealth (Kenya)
3.40pm -3.55pm SokoText (Kenya)
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3.55pm -4.20pm Tea/Coffee, Networking & Demopit Tour
4.20pm -4.45pm Fireside chat 3: The relationship between innovation, entrepreneurship and the economy (Toni Eliasz, James Kamweti, Niall Meany and Dr. Bitange Ndemo)
4.45pm -4.55pm Short Presentation: Erik Hersman – Co-founder of Ushahidi, iHub Nairobi, BRCKnet and SavannahFund.
4.55pm -5.05pm Closing Remarks
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25th June

Day 2

8.00am – 9.00am Tea/Coffee, Networking & Demopit Tour
9.00am -9.10am Short Presentation: Pietro Maggi – Technical Architect, Motorola Solutions
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Pitching Session 4: Startups in Mobile Enterprisemobileenterprise
9.10am -9.25am Buymore (Kenya)
9.25am -9.40am ThinVoid (Uganda)
9.40am – 9.55am (Kenya)
9.55am – 10.10am Online Hisabu (Ethiopia)
10.10am -10.25am ASiM Mobile (Kenya)
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10.25am – 10.55am Fireside Chat: Hype and Substance – Comparing the startup ecosystem in East Africa to other successful places (Jonathan Levi, Matthew Papakipos, Josiah Mugambi and Philipp Kandal)
10.55am -11.10am Tea/Coffee, Networking & Demopit Tour
11.10am -11.20am Short Presentation: Myke Rabar – CEO Homeboyz Entertainment
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Pitching Session 5: Startups in Mobile Entertainmentmobile entertainment
11.35am -12.00pm Momentum Core (Kenya)
12.00pm -12.15pm Safari Tales (Kenya)
12.15pm -12.30pm Muva Studios (Kenya)
12.30pm -12.45pm MapJam (Kenya)
12.45pm – 1.00pm UbongoKids (Tanzania)
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1.00pm -2.00pm LUNCH, Networking & Demo Pit Tour
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2.00pm – 2.10pm Short Presentation: Travis Heneveld – Global Account Director for the United Nations, Motorola Solutions
2.10pm -2.20pm Short Presentation: InfoDev
2.20pm -2.35pm Short Presentation: Raj Singh – Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chase Bank
2.35pm -3.05pm Key Note Speaker
3.05pm – 4.00pm Prize Giving Ceremony
4.00pm – 4.10pm Closing remarks


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